701927 Differential Probe 1400V / 150 MHz

The 701927 is a 50:1 or 500:1 high voltage (1400V peak) probe with extended bandwidth covering DC to 150MHz, This probe provides a balanced differential input, to be used with oscilloscopes with single-ended inputs (1 MΩ Input Impedance). This probe works with DLM2000, DLM4000, DL6000, DLM6000, DL9000 and SB5000. This probe is conveniently powered by the Yokogawa Probe Interface I/F.

1400 Vpeak capability is suitable for un-grounded and floating voltage measurements in power electronics and mechatronics applications including inverters, motor drives, and power supplies. 1 m long extension lead pair is included as a standard accessory. Standard pincher tips are exchangeable a wide variety of 4mm safety adapters (sold separately). Reduced size and weight over comparable probes (50% reduced volume over the Yokogawa 700924).


Input type Balanced differential input
Frequency band DC TO 150 MHz (-3 dB)
Input attenuation ratio 50:1 and 500:1, user selectable
Input impedance Approximately 4 MΩ
Maximum allowed differential voltage ± 1400 V(DC+ACpeak) (1/500)
Maximum common mode input voltage ± 1400 V(DC+ACpeak) or 1000 Vrms
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) -80 dB (60 Hz), -50 dB (1 MHz)
Output voltage ±2.8 V
Output impedance Used with 1 MΩ input impedance
Power Supply Yokogawa Probe Interface Only
External dimensions (approximate) 174 mm x 58 mm x 27 mm
Total length Approximately 2.4 meters
Weight Approximately 500 grams
Approved standards  

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