DLM2000 Series - Zoom Windows

The DLM2000 gives you magnification on both the horizontal and vertical axes, and the ability to split, reduce, or hide the main display. The DLM2000 gives you two independent zoom windows, meaning you can simultaneously evaluate the rising and falling edges of a signal, two digital packets, or even waveforms on separate channels, but at different places along the time axis.

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DLM2000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

200, 350, and 500MHz mixed-signal oscilloscopes for every engineer. Best-in-class performance in usability, acquisition, analysis, and display—all at a price you can digest. Options include serial bus, vehicle bus, and power supply analysis functions.

Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

A mixed signal oscilloscope is an instrument enabling the simultaneous, time correlated observations and analysis of analog with digital (logic) signals, to establish causal relationships between the various areas of a device's electronics. They are purpose-built tools for troubleshooting electrical anomalies, measuring parametric values, and monitoring cause and effect relationships between signals.


Capture, analyze, and troubleshoot electrical or real-world physical signals. Oscilloscopes observe the change of electrical signals over time, continuously graphed on a display as voltage or amplitude vs. time.