Webinar Wednesdays

These seminars cover power theory and include tips, techniques, and inside secrets to help you get started making accurate power measurements with a precision digital power analyzer or a digital storage oscilloscope with power analysis function.

Fundamentals of Electrical Power Measurements
  • DC and AC power measurements
  • Single phase & three phase 
  • 2 & 3 Wattmeter method
  • The Do's and Dont's of using a digital oscilloscope
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Power and Harmonic Analysis on Distorted Waveforms
  • Electrical power measurements on a 3-phase motor
  • PWM motor drive measurements
  • Power loss & efficiency measurements
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Where Power Meets Precision: Advances in Precision Electrical Power Measurements
  • Three step process for a complete electrical test of an AC motor & variable speed drive system
  • Motor, drive, and system efficiency measurements
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Dates: .. 29 - .. 3, 2014

Precision Making