Lighting Test by WT310 & MX100 (for WT310/MX100)

  • Test items:During working status, test the temperature, voltage, current, power and so on.
    • The test instruments they used before can not meet the requirement in precision.
  • Test requirements:
    • High precision, temperature measurement error should be less than 0.7 degrees.
    • Remote control is needed.
    • PC software can record power and temperature data generate report.
    • Record the electrical parameters and temperature synchronously.


  1. Ethernet interface (standard) can realize the remote control and data record function.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. High precision recorder.

Customer Feedback

  • Easy to use.
  • Meet all the test requirements.
  • Remote monitoring and data recording.
  • Record the electrical parameters and temperature synchronously. It’s convenient to analyze the data.
e.g. GateWT
Customers use application software like GA10, and GateWT
The WT310E/WT330E series has a Command compatibility mode with previous WT210/WT230 series. Under that special operating mode, the WT310E/WT330E series works like the WT310/WT330 series. Please refer to the IM in detail.


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