Basics of Level Accuracy, Level Linearity, and Level Scale in Optical Spectrum Analyzers

Level Accuracy:
Level Accuracy is a tolerance to the true value of measured value, when a standard level is measured with a standard wavelength.
Level Linearity:
Level Linearity is the width of error dispersion between a measured value and a true value, when multiple levels are measured at a certain wavelength. Similar to wavelength linearity, it specifies a degree of error dispersion, but not an error of absolute level. Therefore, it provides a relative reliability of a level of the spectrum. If there is an error of absolute level, all of the spectrum may be shifted up or down.
Level Scale:
Level Scale is the vertical axis (level axis) setting, when a spectrum is shown on the display. The level axis is divided by 10. Therefore, 10 dB/DIV means 10 dB per each division. In this case, the full display range is 100 dB. If a marker is placed on a spectrum, the detailed data is shown regardless of level scale.

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Long Wavelength Optical Spectrum Analyzer AQ6375

Unique LONG wavelength range of 1200 to 2400 nm makes this the world's first and only OSA specifically designed for use in advance applications such as Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas detection and LIDAR.

Visible Wavelength Optical Spectrum Analyzer AQ6373

Dedicated SHORT wavelength Range of 350nm to1200nm allows this model to accurately measure the visible spectrum of 380nm to 780nm for bio-sciences and beyond. It is also a popular tool for measuring 1064nm Nd:YAG, DPSS Laser sources.

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