Can I Convert AQ6370 Optical Spectrum Analyzer Waveform Data from a Binary to a ASCII .CSV File?

It is possible to convert an AQ6370 Optical Spectrum Analyzer Binary file to ASCII .CSV file using the AQ6370 Viewer Software. Please keep in mind there are different AQ637X series OSA Viewer software will load specific binary file extensions.
The AQ6370 Viewer software can load files with the extension: .WV6, .WV5, .WV4
The AQ6370B and AQ6370C Viewer software can load files with the extension: .WV8, .WV7
The AQ6373 Viewer software can load files with the extension: .WV9, .WV8, .WV7
The AQ6375 Viewer software can load files with the extension: .WV7
To convert an AQ6370 Binary file to ASCII .CSV file, follow the procedures listed below.
  1. Move the binary file to the User folder in the AQ637X Viewer folder if the file is on PC
    AQ6373 example:  C:\Program Files\YOKOGAWA\AQ6373Viewer\User
  2. Open the AQ637X Viewer
  3. Right-Click on the Viewer display and select FILE
  4. Click on READ
  5. Select INT if the file is on the PC and skip to step 7
  6. Select EXT if the file is on USB or external memory and proceed to step
  7. Select and highlight the binary file
  8. Click on EXECUTE
  9. Right-Click on the Viewer display and select FILE
  10. Click on WRITE
  11. Select the save destination INT or EXT
  12. Select and highlight the binary file
  13. Click on FILE TYPE and select CSV
  14. Verify the file name, save destination and trace
  15. Click on EXECUTE

Note: Windows 7 and Vista users may need administrator rights to be able to save files to internal PC memory. To do this simply right-click on the AQ637X Viewer icon and select properties. Click on the Compatibility tab and check the "Run this program as an administrator" box and click on Apply.


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