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MicroPhotons accelerates Precision Gas Spectrometry in the MWIR spectrum

One of the most effective tools in the fight against air pollution and carbon emissions is the technique of gas absorption spectrometry. MicroPhotons addresses this challenge by replacing super-cooled emitters with a super-continuum light source for room temperature gas absorption measurements. Read more...

mar 19, 2024
Notice of Change in Download Procedure with Introduction of Customer Portal
jul 20, 2023
Yokogawa’s highly accurate power analysis ensures ATESTEO provides reliable results for automotive customers

Drivetrain testing service providers require flexibility to meet diverse customer needs, from component suppliers to major car manufacturers. ATESTEO in Kassel, Germany sought adaptable test solutions for their automotive test beds. Read more...

maj 25, 2023
EV test specialist Intertek relies on Yokogawa power analyzer to provide in depth analysis of power train performance

Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers strive for top-notch performance, efficiency, reliability, and range. To ensure this, they rely on specialists like Intertek. With its EV Testing Centre in Milton Keynes, UK, Intertek aids in refining electric motors, batteries, and drivetrains. Read more...

apr 13, 2023
Motor drive manufacturer KEB Automation uses Yokogawa power analyzer to build higher efficiency motor drives
Variable speed drives already offer users substantial power savings, as they reduce the power input when driving motors at less than the maximum rated load.
Motor drive manufacturers are improving the performance of their devices still further by introducing faster switching capabilities. These allow motor drives to use smaller capacitors and magnetic components, saving both space and weight.
One such company is German automation and motion control specialist KEB Automation, which is using Yokogawa’s WT5000 Precision Power analyzer to develop the latest generation of frequency converters for variable speed drives, ensuring they meet the latest EU energy efficiency regulations.
jan 30, 2023
Speed and reliability – the key parameters for a new generation of field-test OTDRs
okt 19, 2020
WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer - New possibilities with raw-waveform data streaming

Recently the award winning WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer received its first major update to its options and functions. This allows the user to capture raw waveform data simultaneously with the numeric measurement data. Both the raw data and numeric data can be sent directly to the test bench software.  

jun 25, 2020
COVID-19 crisis puts optical fibers to the test
maj 14, 2020
Regarding Yokogawa’s response to the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic
apr 7, 2020
First Optical Spectrum Analyzer to enable side mode analysis of MWIR lasers

With the new AQ6377, Yokogawa optical spectrum analyzers portfolio now covers the entire wavelength range between 350 and 5500 nm

mar 30, 2020

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