OTDR Data Transporter for Android / for iOS

OTDR Data Transporter allows users to transport measurement data between OTDR and mobile devices. The OTDR data transporter can save OTDR data to a cloud storage and attach to an e-mail via a mobile device. You can also do a simple analysis of the loaded waveform data.
* The OTDR data transporter can transfer OTDR waveforms and report files saved in an SD card of the AQ7280 with wireless LAN function and the internal storage of the AQ1210 or the AQ1000.

What is “OTDR Data Transporter”

“OTDR Data Transporter” can do Data Transfer

  1. Transferring files from OTDR to smartphone.
  2. Transferring files from OTDR to cloud storage service.
  3. Sending files by E-mail.
    OTDR Data Transporter
    * /WLN option is required.
  4. Browsing to folders and files in OTDR.
    (Easy to find a target file by viewing SOR, PDF and some image files.)
    OTDRDataTransporter Browser

Required Option, Save location and Device

Model Option Save location Device for transfer
AQ7280 - SD card (FlashAirTM) SD card (FlashAirTM)
AQ1210 - Internal Memory USB dongle
AQ1000 Wireless LAN (/WLN) Internal Memory -

AQ7280: SD card with built-in WLAN
* This feature may not be available due to the discontinuation of FlashAir™.
Verified product: FlashAir™(32GB or less) (KIOXIA)

AQ1210: Wireless LAN adapter
Verified product: TL-WN725N (TP-Link)
Verified product: CF-WU810N (COMFAST)

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