Evaluating Electrical Vehicle Non-Contract Charging Systems

PZ4000 can make a total evaluations for non-contact charging systems, including measurement of voltage and current waveform, power display, calculation of efficiency, harmonic measurement and others.

Tm Appli Auto11 1

Performance required from power meter

  • Measurement of total efficiency - from transmitter efficiency and AC battery line through desorption transformer to battery charging
  • High-precision measurement of wide bandwidth from DC to high frequency switching waveform
  • Higher order harmonic measurement, or waveform analyzing function using FFT function
Benefits for the user

  • The PZ4000 performs the functions of three instruments. Waveform observation, value display and harmonic measurements are performed in one instrument, saving the user test and evaluation time, cost and space for many instruments. The measuring results are highly reliable because the numeric calculations are based on the waveform data.
  • You can input signals without using isolated amplifiers or current sensors. This reduces the error of such accessories.

Source: '98 Switching Battery Symposium


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