Combining Motion and Analog Measurements

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Using the 720281 Frequency Module to capture and convert incoming pulses from an encoder or Hall Effect sensor, it's easy to combine motion measurements such as distance, velocity, or RPM together with other motion sesnors such as accelerometers and analog inputs such as current or voltage measurements. In this application note lear about the many functions of the Frequency Module in combination with the 701275 Accelerometer Input Module.


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701275 Acceleration & Voltage Input Module (w/AAF)

Acceleraton/Voltage Module with Anti-Aliasing Filter, (2 channels)
Accepts direct input from a built-in amp type acceleration sensor to measure acceleration. Sensor supply current (voltage) OFF/4 mA ± 10% (approx. 22 VDC) Applicable acceleration sensor  type: Built-in amplifier type, Kistler Instruments Corp. : PiezotronTM, PCB, Piezotronics Inc. : ICPTM, Endevco Corp : IsotronTM.
Applicable to DL350, DL850 series and SL1000.

720281 Frequency Module

The 720281 Frequency Module has a 1 MS/s sample rate, 16-bit resolution, bandwidth of resolution 625 ps, 2 isolated channels, a maximum input voltage (DC+ACpeak) of 420 V*2, 42 V*3, DC accuracy of ±0.1% (Frequency), and measurement frequency of 0.01 Hz to 500 kHz. The measured parameters are frequency, rpm, period, duty, power supply frequency, distance, and speed.
Applicable to DL350, DL850 series and SL1000.

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A compact, battery-powered, touch screen instrument you can take into the field featuring the deep measurement and recording capabilities you need in the lab.

DL850E/DL850EV ScopeCorder

An all-in-one electromechanical measurement system offering the deepest measurement and analysis features to turn data into insights.

Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Yokogawa data acquisition systems give you the most flexibility and power to measure, display, store, and even actuate any number of physical or electrical phenomena.

High Speed Data Acquisition

Yokogawa high speed data acquisition systems deliver industry leading isolation, bit resolution, sampling rate, and memory depth, with independent channel hardware and easy to use software.


A ScopeCorder is an instrument combining a mixed signal oscilloscope and portable data acquisition recorder into a modular platform designed to capture both high-speed transients and low-speed trends. Yokogawa’s ScopeCorder product family provides flexible and high-performance multi-channel test instruments by combining a variety of signal conditioning input modules, onboard calculations, and deep data acquisition storage into an off-the-shelf data acquisition solution.