Why are the Thermocouple Codes Shown on the Type 2553 DC Voltage/Current Standard Different From the Service Manual?

The specifications for the Type 2553 DC Voltage/Current Standard was changed on June 1982. The service manual was not rewritten to reflect these changes. There are two types of 2553:

         1979/4 -- 1982/5
         2553-00 without GPIB
         2553-01 with GPIB
         JIS C 1602-1974
         Front Panel: PR, CA, CRC, IC, CC

         1982/6 -- 1996/8
         2553-41 without GPIB
         2553-41 with GPIB
         JIS C 1602-1981
         Front Panel: R,K,E,J,T

The JIS standards related to thermocouples was revised and conformed to the international IEC 584 standard. PR and R are different standards and therefore not included in the list of changes below.

  • K = CA
  • E = CRC
  • J = IC
  • T = CC

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