Notice: This product was discontinued on Sep 30, 2013.

With the WE7000 you can grasp the entire data within the system and evaluate the CAN system as a whole. This module is used to interpret the CAN protocol and monitor the communication data on the bus or output data on the bus. The measurement results can be graphed and saved to files.

Performs trigger measurements on the specific data of the specified ID (up to 64 channels, up to 1 kS/s). ID, Start bit, Length, and Endian can be specified and conversion to physical values is possible.


  • CAN Data Output
  • Download data frames and output.
  • Manually output data of a specified ID.
  • Construct a simple sequence function.
  • Module Linking
  • Simultaneous acquisition of CAN bus data and signals of
  • various measurement modules (analog signals) and display
  • them on the same time axis.
  • Setup Data
  • Import CANdb setup data.


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