AQ4305 White Light Source (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on Apr 12, 2013.

The AQ4305 white light source provides incoherent light to measure wavelength dependent loss characteristics for optical devices and optical fibers, in conjunction with an optical spectrum analyzer. The AQ4305 higher power density (more than 5dB at 1310 nm) compared to previous model allows significantly faster sweep time of the optical spectrum analyzer. The wide wavelength range 400 to 1800 nm provides various applications from visible band to all telecomm band.
High power: -40 dBm or more (at 50/125 µm MMF)
Optical output: Free space
High output stability of ±0.05dB

J005 Tm Aq4305 02
Optical Power GI150/125 µm
(RBW: 10 nm)
J005 Tm Aq4305 03
Optical Power SM10/125 µm
(RBW: 10 nm)
Basic configuration for optical fibers and optical component characterization
J005 Tm Aq4305 04
Visible band filter characterization with AQ6315A optical spectrum analyzer
J005 Tm Aq4305 05

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