701919 Probe Stand

Oscilloscope Probe Holder Benefits

Using a probe stand with a flexible arm and heavy base to hold and stabilize probes can simplify circuit board testing. A probe stand gives you stable, pinpoint probing control for high density or three-handed operations.

Oscilloscope Probe Positioner Instructions

Assembling the Probe Stand

Assembling the Base and Arm
Attach the arm screw (the side with one U shaped notch) to the screw hole in the center
of the base. Use a wrench or other tool to tightly secure the flat part of the arm screw.
Attaching the Probe Head
Attach the probe holder to the probe stand. Use a wrench or other tool to hold the
flat part of the arm screw in place, then turn the probe holder to fasten. Then, using a
wrench, grasp the probe holder’s hexagonal part and tighten.

Assembling the Base and Arm Attaching the Probe Holder

Attaching the Probe

Attach the probe to the probe holder. Turn the probe attachment knob to securely attach
the probe.

Take care not to tighten the probe too tightly.

Positioning the Probe

If you loosen the arm lock knob, three joints become free to move. Secure the probe tip
just before coming into contact with the circuit under test.
Turn the probe positioning knob to touch the probe tip to the circuit under test, then
press with the appropriate amount of force.

• Pressing the probe to the circuit under test too strongly can damage the
probe or the circuit under test. Adjust the probe positioning knob so that
the probe does not press into the circuit under test too strongly.

Instruction Manuals

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