702916 Current Probe 120 MHz/ 0.5 ARMS, 5 ARMS, 30 ARMS

Frequency bandwidth: DC to 120 MHz

Maximum continuous input range: 0.5 Arms/ 5 Arms/ 30 Arms

Functions with Digital Oscilloscopes, ScopeCorders and other waveform measuring instruments

Bandwidth: DC to 120 MHz; current measurement:  Max 0.5 Arms, 5 Arms, 30 Arms.
The probes cover 3 range of currents (0.5 A range, 5 A range, 30 A range) and can measure wide range current (100 μA to 30 A).
10x more sensitive than previous models 701917/701918.
Slim and light weight sensor head makes it easy to use in narrow spaces. 
Input current range can be easy switched by pressing the key.
Zero-adjustment and Demagnetization can be done by simply pushing the button on the junction box.
Demagnetization can also be done by holding down the DEMAG button for a quicker setup.
Powered by the DL’s probe power supply terminal.*
The probes are also compatible with the 701934 probe power supply.
Current values can be read directly on DL series and DLM series instruments.
Using the current probe selection menu eliminates the need to enter current/voltage conversion values.(Except 0.5 A range of 702915 and 702926)

*Current probes’ maximum input current may be limited by the number of probes used at a time.
For detailed information, please check Current Consumption in Details at the following URL

  • Standby current of home appliances, ECUs, industrial equipment
  • Inrush current of motors and generators
  • Testing of medical equipment
  • Research & Development at Universities

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