96031 Clamp-on Current Probe

AC 500 A: output AC 1.0 mV/A*1

*1: Please use it with t.he ACV range. It is necessary to read the indicated value in a different way as TY720 and TY710. The example: In AC1V display = 100 A
TY520 and TY530, it is possible to scale it. (Even 60 A or less display is possible in case of 96001.)

What Is a Current Probe Used For?

Clamp-on current probe is an accessory for the TY700 and TY500 Multimeter Series and enables direct reading for TY500.

In the current clamp technique, the jaws of the device clamp onto an electrical conductor to measure the current without physical contact, disconnection, or probe insertion.

Current Clamp Sensor 96031

Measurable Conductor Diameter: 30mm

Measurement Rance: 500A,AC

Output Voltage: 500mV,AC

Accuracy (varies according to input/Amplitude): ±0.5% of rdg

Frequency Range: 20Hz-5kHz

Maximum Circuit Voltage: 600V,AC



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