96033 Clamp-on Current Probe

96033 Current Clamp for Multimeter

AC 50 A: output AC 10 mV/A*1

*1: Please use the current clamp sensor with t.he ACV range. It is necessary to read the indicated value in a different way as TY720 and TY710. The example: In AC1V display = 100 A
TY520 and TY530, it is possible to scale it. (Even 60 A or less display is possible in case of 96001.)

What is a current probe used for?

The 96033 current clamp probe for multimeter is an accessory for the TY500 digital multimeter series.

Current clamp techniques:

  • Voltage/Resistance Measurement- The COM terminal and V/Ω terminal are used. To measure a voltage, set the dial to voltage measurement. To measure a resistance, set the dial to resistance measurement. Some DMM models can also display the frequency and calculated decibel value at the same time when measuring an AC voltage. During resistance measurement, it is possible to switch the function to checking of the continuity of the measured circuit.
  • Diode Test- A current flows through a diode when the power supply is connected as (1) below, while, almost no current flows when the power supply is connected as (2). The diode test function applies an adequate forward voltage across a diode to make a constant current flow and measures the voltage drop in the forward direction to determine the forward and reverse directions of the diode
  • Current Measurement- The COM terminal, and A, µA or mA terminal are used. Some models have shutters for preventing erroneous insertion into the current terminals and allow a contact of a lead to a current terminal only when the dial is set to current measurement. For these models, you cannot set the dial to voltage measurement while a lead is left inserted into a current terminal. This feature provides greater safety.



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