Digital Multimeters Accessories

Accessories for digital multimeters include various voltage and current transformers, clamp-on current probes, and a selection of test leads.

lnch rack mounting for one DM7560 unit

Millimeter rack mounting for one DM7560 unit

lnch rack mounting for two DM7560 units

Millimeter rack mounting for two DM7560 units

AC/DC clamp probe
AC: 130 A (40 Hz to 1 kHz)
DC: ±180 A

  • 96030 Clamp-on Current Probe
  • AC 200 A: output AC 2.5 mV/A
  • 96031 Current Clamp for Multimeter
  • AC 500 A: output AC 1.0 mV/A
  • 96033 Clamp-on Current Probe
  • AC 50 A: output AC 10 mV/A

AC 2 A: output AC 25 mV/A

What are the Parts of a Digital Multimeter?

Front Panel

  • Display area/screen
  • Input terminal area
  • FUNCTION area
  • TRIG & UTILITY setting area
  • Rotary knob& RANGE switching area
  • USB port

Rear Panel

  • AC line input
  • USB device terminal
  • TRIG IN terminal (BNC)
  • COMPL output terminal (complete, output terminal, BNC)
  • DIO option/CMP
  • Option installation unit /C2 option or /C1 option


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