Evaluation of ECU and Inverter/Motor

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Inverter and motor controlled by ECUs in electric vehicles (EV) require even higher levels of control and responsiveness.

In addition to confirming the operation of the control program, it is becoming increasingly important to comprehensively measure the control program instructions and the actual operation of the inverter motor, and to evaluate their behavior, responsiveness, validity, etc.

In order to perform these evaluations, the CAN / CAN FD data from the ECU, the battery output, the internal control and output voltage/current of the inverter, and the torque / rotation speed of the motor must be integrated and measured.


nIsolated 1000 V Input

In waveform measurement of high voltage or large current, there is a possibility of short circuit, electric shock accident or damage of the measuring instrument caused by insulation failure, wrong wiring, over-input, etc. In order to prevent such accidents, it is important that the measurement instrument has an isolated input. The ScopeCorder Series, including the DL950, offers a variety of isolated input modules, including up to 1000 V input modules.

n32 channels, up to 160 channels

Voltage and current of various motors and control systems, motor rotation speed, battery voltage fluctuation, vibration, noise, temperature, strain, etc. may be measured simultaneously. The DL950 has a maximum of 32 channels, and a 5-unit synchronization provides up to 160 channels.

n200 MS/s sampling and multiple samples

High-speed sampling is required to understand sudden voltage fluctuations in inverters and batteries. The DL950 is capable of sampling up to 200 MS/s. You can also set a different sample rate for each channel, reducing the amount of data combined with slower sample channels such as temperature.

nTrend display of in-vehicle serial bus

The in-vehicle serial bus data of CAN / CAN FD, LIN, SENT can be displayed by trend. For example, vehicle speed data on CAN FD can be measured simultaneously with sensor outputs such as voltage and current of motor drive, motor speed, temperature and vibration.


The DL950 can display waveform data of various signals of the inverter/motor, and simultaneously display data of the in-vehicle serial bus such as CAN / CAN FD, LIN, SENT by trend.

In-vehicle serial bus data such as CAN/CAN FD
Battery output voltage
Control signal voltage inside the inverter
Voltage and current of the inverter output
Motor torque and speed

Calculate torque value and rotational speed with real-time calculation function

The CAN/CAN FD bus data and related waveforms can be viewed on the same screen. For example, an ignition switch ON/OFF signal, a CAN FD signal corresponding to that command, and pressure signals can be checked on the same screen to verify the correlation between them.

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