Application of NX4000 40-Gbps Transport Analyzer

The 40-Gbit/s transport networks that will meet the communication demand of Next-Generation Networks (NGN) are starting to be deployed commercially. To meet the increasing measurement needs of the 40-Gbit/s networks and transmission equipment, we have developed the NX4000 Transport Analyzer. This can accurately and efficiently measure the transmission quality and characteristics of the networks, transmission equipment corresponding to 40-Gbit/s Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH), Synchronous Optical NETwork (SONET), and Optical Transport Network (OTN). This paper describes the various measurement applications of the NX4000 Transport Analyzer.
DAIRI Kenji*1 SHIDA Hideo*1 TSUTSUMI Seiichi*1 TAKAHASHI Kenji*1

Communications and Measurement Business Headquarters, Optical Communication Measurement Development Department

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