How do I Update the Voltage and Current Range for the PZ4000 and WT1600 Using Communication Commands?

To change the voltage range on element 1 to 30 V, send the "INPUT:VOLTAGE:RANGE:ELEMENT1 30V" command to the measuring instrument.
To change the current range on element 1 to the 1 A range, send the "INPUT:CURRENT:RANGE:ELEMENT1 1A" command to the measuring instrument.

After entering settings, confirm the settings by sending the following commands:

  • To query the voltage on element 1: "INPUT:VOLTAGE:RANGE:ELEMENT1?"
  • To query the current on element 1: "INPUT:CURRENT:RANGE:ELEMENT1?" 

To set/query the ranges on all elements at once, use the following commands:

  1. Voltage global setting
  2. Voltage global query
  3. Current global setting
  4. Current global query

For information on the voltage and current values that can be set using these commands, please refer to:

  • PZ4000 Power Analyzer Communications Interface User's Manual
    Pages 4-48 and 4-52
  • WT1600 Digital Power Analyzer Communications Interface User's Manual
    Pages 4-49 and 4-53

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