Why did my Waveform Data / Trace Disappear on the ScopeCorder DL850/DL850V When I Re-load the WDF Data File?

If you discover that your waveform data/trace or some channels have disappeared from the ScopeCorder DL850/DL850V or Xviewer when you re-load the WDF data file, this is normal behaviour due to an incomplete acquisition.
For example, if the T/Div is set to 1 sec/div, do not take 5 divisions (five seconds worth of data); you must takes 10 seconds worth of data (1 sec/div * 10 div = 10 seconds) and then save the data to a WDF file.
Please adjust the T/Div to a more appropriate setting or continue taking data until the screen is a full acquisition on the horizontal axis. Do not take partial acquistions.

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