Can I set the Trigger Activation Using OR and AND on the Trigger Conditions of the Input Signal and the Signal From the Exterminal Input Terminals of the WE7000 Series?

Yes, you can detect the trigger conditions of the input signal with the module, output the result once to the trigger bus of the measuring station, then send back the result from the OR and AND operation once more to the module from the trigger bus. OR and AND are determined using the external signal condition coming from the external input terminals [TRIG IN] and [EXT. I/O], and the module's trigger condition.

The settings are as follows: Set the input conditions for the input channel on the module side, and set the trigger source to bus trigger. In the measuring station's Trigger Source/Timebase Source/Arming Settings dialog box, set it so the signal from the external input terminals [TRIGIN] and [EXT. I/O] input to trigger bus [BUSTRIG1] and [BUSTRIG2]. Also, set it so signals are transmitted from the module to trigger bus [BUSTRIG1], and from trigger bus [BUSTRIG1] and [BUSTRIG2] to the module.

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