AQ2200-231/201 Optical Sensor Head (large diameter, long wavelength) (DISCONTINUED)

AQ2200-231 is AQ2200 series longwave large-diameter sensor heads. When they are installed in AQ2200 series frame controllers using the AQ2200-201 Interface Module, they allow optical power to be measured at high speed and with high accuracy.

  Detector Wavelength range Power range
AQ2200-231 InGaAs φ5 mm 800-1700 nm -90 - +10 dBm
  • High-speed data sampling
  • Flexible analog output settings
  • Low polarization dependence measurement
  • Large light-receiving diameter ideal for spatial light and multi-core fiber measurements
  • Data logging function
  • Stability measurement function
  • MIN/MAX/DEF measurement function
  • Analog output function

A variety of optical power fluctuation

A variety of waveform evaluation functions are included. These functions make it possible to display and record waveforms directly, whereas in the past a device such as an O/E converter or oscilloscope was required.

Included Functions

  • Real time waveform display
  • Enlarge or reduce displayed waveform
  • Calculate data between cursors
  • Display measurement value at cursor position
  • Save screenshot

J020 Tm Aq2200 231 02

Obtain long-term stability measurement results without using a PC

Obtain long-term stability measurement results without using a PC
The stability function can be used to obtain stability data over a 24-hour period, and to save the obtained data to USB storage. This function eliminates the need to write a data acquisition program operating through the GP-IB, LAN, or USB.

AQ2200-231 optical sensor head

Item Product specifications
Detector type InGaAs φ5 mm
Wavelength range 800–1700 nm
Power range CW light –90 to +10 dBm
Chop light -90 to +7 dBm
Applicable fiber type ≤100/140 µm (SI), NA ≤0.3
Uncertainty under reference conditions ±2%
Total uncertainty ±3.5% ±50 pW
Polarization dependence 0.025 dBp-p or less
Linearity ±0.015 dB ±50 pW
Noise level 50 pW or less
Averaging time (minimum) 100 µs
Optical connector AQ9335C connector adapter
Application Note

This system does not require manual reconfiguration of optical paths and adjustments of EDFA input power, and that improves measurement throughput and avoids a human error.

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