AQ2200-131/132 Grid TLS Module (C/L band, 1-channel / 2-channel)

The AQ2200-131 and AQ2200-132 are single and dual channel tunable light source modules. The output wavelength can be conveniently set to the predefined DWDM grid channels.

Flexible Frequency/ Wavelength Selection

  • Frequency (Wavelength): C-band, L-band
  • Tunable to arbitrary grid frequency with min. 100 MHz steps
  • Fine-tuning capability with min. 1 MHz steps (at grid setting mode)
  • Narrow-line width: 100 KHz

High-Stability Optical Output and High SMSR

  • High-stability output level: ± 0.03dB
  • High-stability frequency(wavelength): ± 0.3GHz (± 2.4pm)
  • Output level: +12.5dBm or more
  • High SMSR: 45dB

Examples of Measurement Application

  • Optical fiber amplifier measurement system
Measurement Application
LCA Reduced energy, emission of CO2, NOX and SOX about 10% compared to the previous model.

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