Logic Probes

Logic probes allow you to capture signals using the logic portion of a mixed signal instrument. Yokogawa offers low and high voltage, isolated and non-isolated logic probes.

701988 (PBL100) Logic Probe

100 kΩ input resistance, toggle frequency of 250 MHz

8-bit, non-isolated, response speed: 1µs, threshold level approx 1.4V
Two measurement leads (B9879PX and B9879KX) included.

8-bit, isolated, response speed: 1ms or less (DC), 20ms or less (AC), treshold level 6VDC or 50VAC.
To be used with measurement lead 758917 and 758922, 758929 or 701954 adapter leads.

8-bit, non-isolated, response speed: 3µs or less, treshold level approx 1.4V
702911: 1 meter cable, 702912: 3 meter cable


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