Logic Probes

What is a logic probe? Digital logic probes allow you to capture signals using the logic portion of a mixed signal instrument. Oscilloscopes and ScopeCorders are only half of the equation in waveform measurement. The quality and validity of results depend on the probe, its interaction with the logic probe tester measuring instrument, and how it connects to the logic probe's circuit under test.

Yokogawa offers low and high-voltage, isolated and non-isolated logic probes. View various models' specifications in our Precision Waveform Measurement Essentials brochure to select the best logic probe for your purposes, with options supporting 8 logic inputs.

701988 (PBL100) Logic Probe

100 kΩ input resistance, toggle frequency of 250 MHz

8-bit, non-isolated, response speed: 1µs, threshold level approx 1.4V
Two measurement leads (B9879PX and B9879KX) included.

  • 700987 Logic Probe - Isolated Inputs
  • 8-bit, isolated, response speed: 1ms or less (DC), 20ms or less (AC), threshold level 6VDC, or 50VAC.
  • 758917 and 758922, 758929, 701954 

8-bit, non-isolated, response speed: 3µs or less, treshold level approx 1.4V
702911: 1 meter cable, 702912: 3 meter cable


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