Digital Manometer MT300

The MT300 delivers high speed, high resolution, and synchronous measurements for high measurement accuracy and long term stability. It offers various functions for field device calibration, including 24 VDC transmitter output, built-in communication resistance, and Li-ion battery operation. The D/A output makes it easy to output data to a recorder or other instrument, and external I/O terminals allow users to output control signals.

Engineered with Yokogawa's silicon-based resonant sensor, the MT300 achieves:

  • a high measurement accuracy of 0.01% as relative accuracy
  • long-term stability performance guaranteed with a measurement accuracy of 12 months

Rich lineup

Choose from a variety of model based on your application needs.

pressure model

pressure model

pressure model

pressure model
pressure model
pressure model
6 ranges 3 ranges 4 ranges



*1 Shield gauge pressure model

High accuracy and long term stability

Absolute accuracy of pressure measurement:0.01%

Accuracy guarantee period: 12 months

Yokogawa’s proprietary silicon based resonant sensor technology achieves a high measurement accuracy of 0.01% as relative accuracy. In addition, with long-term stability performance backed by measurement data accumulated over many years, we guarantee the measurement accuracy of 12 months.

Informative color display

A color dot matrix LCD displays measurement data and analysis with high resolution and high visibility.

Informative color display


Front panel/rear panel


High precision measurements

High resolution display (When /R1 is selected.)

By using a high resolution display, pressure measurements can be more accurately displayed and visualized. In addition, the increased resolution, especially in calibration environments, reduces the uncertainty of the entire calibration process.

High resolution display

High speed measurement (When /F1 is selected.)

Rapid pressure changes and transient responses requires high speed and reliable measurements. Depending on the application, you can choose your measurement speeds from three different modes, normal, medium or high speed.

Synchronous measurement

Using the synchronization features, you can collect data and display measurements from multiple units. Measurements can be captured and correlated at high speed with high accuracy and confidence.

In the performance testing of vacuum cleaners, the suctionforce is calculated from the amount of suction-air in the pressure equalizing container and the degree of vacuum. The amount of intake-air can be obtained by measuring the differential pressure via a pitot tube, and the degree of vacuum can be obtained by measuring the absolute pressure. With the /F1 option, the dynamic characteristics can be captured at high speed, with accurate results, by synchronously measuring these two values from two MT300s.

Synchronous measurement

Support for efficient works

Leak test feature

The Leak-test feature can be used to measure pressure change or leak rate within the measurement period. It can be used to check the tightness or integrity of a pressure measurement system.

Leak test

Start: Pressure value and time when started
Stop: Pressure value and time when stopped
Time: Measurement time
Delta: Difference of pressure value between started and stopped
Rate: Deffence of pressure value per minute
Leak test


The scaling function can be used to assign customer specific coefficients to the measured values. Depending on the application, you can display your own conversion value. Scaling coefficient A and offset B are determined according to the following equation. Set the scale values for the upper and lower span limits.


※ If you change the unit, set scaling coefficient A and offset B again.

Statistical processing

You can apply statistical processing to the data acquired. Find and display the maximum value, minimum value, average value, and standard deviation for the measured data. When error data is detected, the number of error data within the measurement range can be recorded and displayed.


Max:Maximum value AVG:Average value ERR:Number of error data
Min:Minimum value σ:Standard deviation  

Support for linkage with external devices

D/A output (When /DA is selected)

The Digital-to-Analog (D/A) option, makes it easy to output measured pressure values to an external terminal going to a measurement system or a recorder. The output update interval can be set to 250 μs in combination with the /F1 option (in medium-speed/high-speed modes).


Example of the waveform differences in measurement modes

D/A Scaling (When /DA is selected)

Any range within the pressure measurement ranges is output in full scale of the D/A output range.
Minute changes in pressure can be captured with high resolution.

Measurement of minute changes in atmospheric pressure

Measurement of minute changes in atmospheric pressure

Tilt alarm and Tilt Correction
(Absolute pressure model)

Tilt alarm
This function determines the orientation state of the absolute
pressure model body and displays a warning.

Tilt correction
This function corrects for the offset (amount of influence) of measured pressure values when the body of an absolute pressure model is used in a vertical orientation.

Blue value: The instrument is installed in the appropriate orientation and that tilt correction is on.
Red value: The combination of the installation orientation and the tilt correction on/off state is inappropriate.

  Vertical Orientation Horizontal Orientation
Tilt Alarm
Tilt Corr
Tilt Corr ON-Vertical Orientation Tilt Corr ON-Horizontal Orientation
Tilt Corr
Tilt Corr OFF-Vertical Orientation Tilt Corr OFF-Horizontal Orientation

Comparator output

Using external I/O terminals, you can output control signals, based on set upper and lower limits and judgement criteria’s on measured values. These features allow automation of production and/or inspection lines for pressure-related products.


Communication Interfaces such as GPIB, USB (type-B), and ETHERNET are available as standard features. Communication commands are compatible*1, *2 with existing models*3, making it easy to expand or update your existing measurement system.
*1: Some command cannot be used.
*2: Compatible commands cannot be used when -G07, -G08, -A05, -A06 are selected.
*3: MT210/MT210F/MT220

Support for field device calibration and maintenance works

Calibration involves inputting the same pressure level to both a calibrator and a transmitter and comparing the transmitter output with a value measured by the calibrator. The MT300 come with the functions you need for such calibration or maintenance work in the field.

  • Outputting 24 VDC for the supply of transmitter
  • Measuring transmitter output (1 to 5 V or 4 to 20 mA selective)
  • Built-in communication resistance enables ON/OFF switching.

Above functions can be available when /DM is selected.

  • It is possible to bring it out without AC power by Li-ion battery operation.
    Running time: Approx. 6 hours with all functions turned on Charge time: Approx. 6 hours

Above function can be available when /EB is selected or add them as accessory after ordered.

High performance and reliability

Yokogawa’s proprietary and self-developed silicon based resonant sensor enables high accuracy, high resolution, and high stability pressure measurement system.

Yokogawa’s proprietary silicon resonant sensor has excellent characteristics that satisfy the conditions required for “accuracy measurement”, such as stability, reproducibility, sensitivity, and temperature characteristics.

High sensitivity and resolution and superior long term stability
The vibrators are in a vacuum. This reduces the dispersion of vibration energy. Combined with the superior flexibility of silicon single crystal, this makes it possible to obtain a high Quality factor.

Extremely low temperature dependency
Two vibrators are used, and pressure is derived from the difference between the two unique oscillation counts. With this operating structure, it is possible to cancel out external environment influences such as ambient temperature. In addition, the vibrators are in a vacuum, so they are not affected by humidity.

Extremely low temperature dependency

A vibrator, formed using semiconductor process technology on a silicon wafer, is driven by a permanent magnet. When pressure is applied to the silicon diaphragm, the vibrator is distorted, causing the resonant frequency to change.

Silicon Resonant Sensor

Efforts for National Metrology Institute

International Comparison
The Yokogawa’s pressure sensor and the MT series are adopted as a Transfer Standard for many CC-level and the regional-level (for example APMP) international comparisons of pressure standards based on the enhanced performance of digital pressure gauges and the evaluation result of long term stability.

* Transfer Standard:
A standard used as a transfer equipment to compare standards.

Efforts for National Metrology Institute


LCA  Reduced energy and emission of CO2 about 19% compared to the previous model.

PDFResults of Life Cycle Assessment

269918 Battery pack cover

Battery cover for MT300

739883 Battery Pack

for DL350, AQ7280 and MT300

99045 Binding Post (Red Black)

Used for terminating (attaching) a single wire or test lead.

99046 Binding Post (Red Red)

Used for terminating (attaching) a single wire or test lead.

366921 BNC to Banana-Jack (Female) Adapter 42V

BNC-Banana-jack (female) adapter. Use for circuits having voltage levels no greater than 42 V.

91080 Connector

R 1/4" male thread to 1/8” NPT female thread conversion connector (for -P1)

91081 Connector

R 1/4” male thread to 1/4” NPT female thread conversion connector (for -P1)

91082 Connector

1/4” NPT male thread to 1/8” NPT female thread conversion connector (for –P2)

91083 Adapting connector

1/2” NPT male thread to 1/8” NPT
female thread (for -P4)

91086 Adapting connector

1/2” NPT male thread to 1/4” NPT
female thread (for -P4)

91087 Adapting connector

1/2” NPT male thread to Rc 1/4”
female thread (for -P4)

B9984BW Connector assembly kit

For use with 4 mm diameter x 6 mm diameter PVC tubing

B9984BY Connector assembly kit

For use with 4 mm diameter x 6 mm diameter PVC tubing

701963 Soft carrying case for DL850E Series

Three pockets are provided for storing accessories and the user’s manual.


Ventilator pressure loss between supply pressure & the pressure sensor must be checked to ensure accurate measurement of switching timing for proper valve operation between exhalation & inhalation.

Notes d'application
5.3 MB
Technical Article
Measurement of pressure in a medical ventilator
(Measurement of pressure in a medical ventilator)
Edition 2022

Patients with respiratory failure often require assistance from a ventilator to help move air in and out of their lungs. Sadly, due to the events we have all witnessed over the past two years, the reliability of ventilators has never been under more scrutiny. When an air tube leaks, the ventilator cannot measure the pressure build up and flow rate, a potentially disastrous situation for the patient. For this reason, the ventilator requires a way of taking high accuracy, rapid measurements using reliable sensor and valve technologies. Here at Yokogawa, we have a solution that ticks all of these boxes.

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