720931 Clamp-On Probe

High Sensitivity Clamp-On Current Probe

The 720931 passive clamp-on current probe enables current waveform readings directly via analog input modules on ScopeCorders including the DL350 and DL850 using isolated BNC connections.

  • AC 200 A
  • 40 Hz to 3.5 kHz Bandwidth


How to Use Clamp-On Current Probe 720931

Measurement procedures

1. Connect the output connector to the Input terminal of the measuring instrument.

2. Press the trigger to open the transformer jaws and clamp onto one conductor. The measured conductor shall be at the center of the jaws. When connecting a sensor with a power meter, match the arrow mark (power source to load), which is indicated on the transformer jaws, with the current flowing direction in order to synchronize the phases of measured current and output voltage.

3. Ensure that the tips of transformer jaws are firmly closed.

Measuring Range AC 0 to 200 A RMS (300 A Peak)
Accuracy (sine wave input) Frequency  
  50/60 Hz ±0.5% of Reading ±0.1 mV
  40 Hz to 1 kHz ±0.8% of Reading ±0.2 mV
  1 kHz to 3.5 kHz ±1.0% of Reading ±0.4 mV
Maximum Allowable Input   AC 250 A RMS Continuous (50/60 Hz)
Output Voltage 2.5 mV/A AC 0 to 500 mV RMS
Maximum Conductor Size   30mm Ø

Please download the manual for complete specifications.

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