701940 Passive Probe 600V / 10 MHz

701940 Passive Oscilloscope Specifications



DC to 10 MHz




Input Resistance


10 MΩ

Input Capacitance


22pF (10:1)

Max. Input Voltage


600 V (DC + ACpeak) CAT II

Probe length


1.5 m

For use with ScopeCorder Non-Isolated Modules

What is a Passive Probe?

Passive Probes are a type of oscilloscope probe with a wide dynamic range, including low-frequency signals. Therefore, they have many applications.

  • Bandwidth: DC to 10MHz (-3dB, 1/10)
  • Attenuation Ratio: 1:1 or 10:1 switchable
  • Input resistance: 1MΩ or 10MΩ
  • Input capacitance: 17pF -to- 200pF
  • Compensation Range: 22pF or 200pF
  • Rise Time: 35ns / 58ns
  • Max. input voltage: 600V (DC + ACpeak, non-isolated input)
  • Probe Length (coax): 1.5 meter
  • Standard accessories include: ground lead, pinchers tip, IC test tip, ground attachment, marker tip

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