Digital Manometer MT300

The MT300 delivers high speed, high resolution, and synchronous measurements for high measurement accuracy and long term stability. It offers various functions for field device calibration, including 24 VDC transmitter output, built-in communication resistance, and Li-ion battery operation. The D/A output makes it easy to output data to a recorder or other instrument, and external I/O terminals allow users to output control signals.

Engineered with Yokogawa's silicon-based resonant sensor, the MT300 achieves:

  • a high measurement accuracy of 0.01% as absolute accuracy
  • long-term stability performance guaranteed with a measurement accuracy of 12 months


Informative color display

A color dot matrix LCD displays measurement data and analysis with high resolution and high visibility. 

High resolution display (when /R1 is selected)

Pressure measurements can be more accurately displayed and visualized. 

High speed measurement (when /F1 is selected) 

Choose from three different measurement speeds: normal, medium or high speed.

Synchronous measurement 

Collect data and display measurements from multiple units.

Leak test feature

Measure pressure change or leak rate within the measurement period.

Scaling function  

Assign customer specific coefficients to the measured values.

Support for linkage with external devices 

  • Support for linkage with external devices 
  • Comparator output 
  • Communication Interfaces such as GPIB, USB (type-B), and ETHERNET available as standard features 

Support for field device calibration and maintenance works 

  • Outputting 24 VDC for the supply of transmitter 
  • Measuring transmitter output (1 to 5 V or 4 to 20 mA selective) 
  • Built-in communication resistance enables ON/OFF switching 

Above functions can be available when /DM is selected. 

  • Li-ion battery operation 
  • Running time: Approx. 6 hours with all functions turned on 
    Charge time: Approx. 6 hours 

269918 Battery pack cover

Battery cover for MT300

739883 Battery Pack

Type Lithium-ion
Operation time Approx. 3 hours
Charge time Approx. 6 hours (When the DL350 is turned off.)

99045 Binding Post (Red Black)

Used for terminating (attaching) a single wire or test lead.

99046 Binding Post (Red Red)

Used for terminating (attaching) a single wire or test lead.

366921 BNC to Banana-Jack (Female) Adapter 42V

BNC-Banana-jack (female) adapter. Use for circuits having voltage levels no greater than 42 V.

91080 Connector

R 1/4" male thread to 1/8” NPT female thread conversion connector (for -P1)

91081 Connector

R 1/4” male thread to 1/4” NPT female thread conversion connector (for -P1)

91082 Connector

1/4” NPT male thread to 1/8” NPT female thread conversion connector (for –P2)

701963 Soft carrying case for DL850E Series

Three pockets are provided for storing accessories and the user’s manual.


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