Insulation Testers

Preventive maintenance is always a must, especially in industrial plants where equipment maulfunction could cause employee injury and costly downtime. Predicting when problems will arise allows time for scheduled shut downs, instead of shutting your process down when you need it the most. Yokogawa offers many varieties of Insulation testers, ranging from Analog tio Digital 1000V versions, all designed to quickly and accurately diagnose your insulation quality.

  • The 2406E Analog Insulation Tester:
    Analog models with two and three rating
    AC voltage measurement
    Automatic discharge
    Sky blue EL backlight
    Increased safety (covered battery charger)

  • The MY600 Digital Insulation Tester has enhanced operation compared to the conventional model, by using a shortened measurement time and color indicating judging function. This is a new concept in insulation testing and includes enhanced communication to a PC or tablet.


After a disastrous 2009, the large publicly held test companies enjoyed booming business in 2010.

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