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Below is a list of discounted equipment available. This equipment is *certified pre-owned or new product that is excess inventory. Please click the link to download the PDF list of available products.

List of Discounted Equipment

*Certified Pre-owned: Guaranteed Yokogawa quality. Each unit undergoes rigorous performance testing to ensure it meets Yokogawa’s tough quality standards. Each unit is backed by a standard limited warranty.

These offers are valid only in the United States. Additional product options available based on remaining supply.

Yokogawa Discounted Optical Spectrum Analyzers


DLM2000 MSO Series image

  • Bandwidths: 200 to 500 MHz and memory up to 250 Mpoints
  • History function for viewing previously captured events
  • Flexible MSO input for reading analog signl or 8bit logic
  • Options include functionality for CAN, LIN, SENT, UART, and more
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WT3000 Precision Power Analyzer image

  • Basic power accuracy:  0.02% of reading
  • Up to four 2a current input elements
  • Store function:  50ms data storing interval
  • Interface:  GP-IB, Ethernet, RS-232 and USB
  • Advanced computation function:  Waveform sampling data saving
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DL850  Scopecorder image

  • High-speed (up to 100 MS/s)
  • High resolution (up to 16-bit)
  • Isolated (up to 1kV with the isolated probe)
  • Multi-channel, up to 128 Voltage/Temperature or 128 logic bits
  • Continuous hard disk recording at 100 kS/s simultaneously on 16 channels with the /HD0 or /HD1 option
  • 17 plug-in modules
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WT1800 High Performance Power Analyzer image

  • Voltage and current frequency bandwidth of 5 Mhz (-3 dB, typical)
  • Reduction of low power-factor error to 0.1% of apparent power (2/3 of previous model)
  • Direct voltage input range from 1.5V to 1000V
  • Direct current input range from 10mA to 5A, or 1A to 50A
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WT300 Digital Power Meter image

  • Basic accuracy for all input ranges of 0.1% reading + 0.1% range (50/60Hz)
  • Bandwidth: DC and 0.5Kz to 100 kHz
  • Direct input:  Maximum direct input up to 600V and 20A (40A for WT310HC)
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GS820 Multi Channel source measure unit image

  • Operate the device in all four quadrants on TWO channels
  • Generate endless combinations of test scenarios
  • Utilize dedicated I/V curve tracing software: quickly and easily generate customized test setup files
  • Quickly and efficiently create complex PWM, step, ramp, and logarithmic wave forms
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