AQ2180 Series Portable Optical Power Meter (w/ data storage/transfer)

The compact and lightweight AQ2180 and AQ2180H optical power meters offer versatile data storage and transfer. Choose between two versions of portable electricity meters to suit test applications.
 Pair the AQ2180 with the AW4280 to enable wavelength matching. The measurement wavelength on the AQ2180 can be set automatically according to the wavelength setting on the AQ4280. This feature can eliminate the extra steps to set the wavelength on the power meter and avoid improper measurements due to test wavelength mismatch.        

Two versions of Power Meters to suit test application

+10 dBm max. power for Standard version (AQ2180),
+26 dBm max. power for High power version (AQ2180H)

Versatile data storage and transfer

Large memory capacity stores up to 999 measurement results
USB port offers convenient data transfer to a PC in CSV format using the standard software supplied.

Auto switching of measurement wavelength

Wavelength is automatically selected when the AQ4280 and AQ2180 are paired together. This feature eliminates the the extra step to manually setup the power meter wavelength and eliminates possibility of invalid measurements due to misconfigured wavelengths.

Power source

Standard dry cell batteries are easily obtained. (type : AA)
Rechargeable batteries may also be used to reduce the operational cost. Auto power-saving feature also extends battery life.

Basic items included as standard accessories.

SC, FC or other connector adapter
(Removable for convenient access for cleaning)
AQ2180 : FC,SC, LC, Ferrule2.5φ , Ferrule1.25φ
- Rubber protector to prevent damage when dropped
- Carrying pouch to house unit and connector adapters
(Use the optional SU2006 pouch for housing the AQ2180 fitted with a protector)

Portable Electricity Meter Model Numbers

Model Description
AQ2180 +10 dBm max. power for Standard version
AQ2180H +26 dBm max. power for High power version

Request a quote for AQ2180 series optical power meter prices.

A1071PJ Connector Adapter(FC)

For AQ2170 /AQ2170H /AQ2180 /AQ2180H

A1072PJ Connector Adapter(SC)

For AQ2170 /AQ2170H /AQ2180 /AQ2180H

A1073PJ Connector Adapter(LC)

For AQ2170 /AQ2170H /AQ2180 /AQ2180H

A1074PJ Connector Adapter(1.25φ)

For AQ2170 /AQ2170H /AQ2180 /AQ2180H

A1075PJ Connector Adapter(2.5φ)

For AQ2170 /AQ2170H /AQ2180 /AQ2180H

B1006CZ Carrying case

For AQ2170 /AQ2170H /AQ2180 /AQ2180H /AQ4280A /AQ4280B /AQ4280C

B1005ZZ Protector set

For AQ2180 /AQ2180H /AQ4280A /AQ4280B /AQ4280C

B1003ZZ Battery plate set

For AQ2180 /AQ2180H /AQ4280A /AQ4280B /AQ4280C

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