DL350 Portable ScopeCorder

A ScopeCorder is a portable oscilloscope and portable data acquisition solution in one portable device. The DL350 ScopeCorder ifeatures the deep measurement and recording capabilities you need in the lab in a compact instrument you can take into the field. For “quick and easy” troubleshooting or sophisticated mixed-signal datalogging, the DL350 is a portable, powerful, and useable engineering tool that makes complete measurements completely portable.

Maximum 32-Channels Analog Input in a Battery-Operated Compact Chassis

Choose from 18 types of input module and install up to 2 in a ScopeCorder at a time to configure a ScopeCorder up to 32 channels.

  • A4-sized compact chassis
  • Simultaneous isolated inputs maximum
    8-ch (1 MS/s) or 4-ch (100 MS/s)
    Scanning inputs maximum 32-ch
    (10 kS/s) or 16 channels (20 kS/s)
  • AC/DC/Battery operated

DL350 8 Ch Chassi

Flexible recording in a single portable tool with superior noise immunity and vibration resistance

Flexible input

Choose from 18 types of input modules that are compatible with other ScopeCorders

DL350 Noise And Vibration Proof

Vibration resistant

Instruments used for in-vehicle driving tests or field maintenance must be able to make reliable measurements. The DL350 has an aluminum inner frame and an external rubber bumper and conforms to the Japanese JIS D1601 standard for resisting in-vehicle shock and vibration.

DL350 Vibration Resistant Design

Operates in freezing temperatures

Even when used with the rechargeable battery, the DL350 will operate in temperatures from 0 to 45 degrees. The DL350 brings high-quality laboratory measurements into the harsh environments of the field.

DL350 Freezing Temperature

High-speed and long-term recording using large memory and direct recording onto an SD card

  • Up to 100 Mega-points per module memory
  • Up to 50 days continuous recording onto SD card

DL350 SD Recording

Ease of use in the field

  • Intuitive operation using 8.4 TFT touch screen
  • A choice of two operating modes, oscilloscope or data recorder
  • DL350 Assistant Software helps configure settings and back up data on the spot

DL350 Ease Of Use In The Field

More than a test tool

The DL350 ScopeCorder combines in one compact instrument all the measurement and recording capabilities you need when you are away from your office or lab. The DL350 provides the flexibility you need when you need it: whether you are recording high-speed transients or long-term signals, using ‘quick and simple’ setup or advanced features.

Complete self-contained signal conditioning

Whether it is straightforward high precision voltage measurements or a blend of signals coming from such things as current probes, temperature sensors, strain gauges, accelerometers and serial buses, the DL350 can handle them all without extra boxes or cables.

This extraordinary input capability is achieved by providing 2 slots, which can be populated with any of 18 different types of user-swappable input modules. This means, for example, that 4 isolated 16-bit voltage inputs can be measured at 1 MS/s, alongside 16 temperatures. Swap a module and measure at 100 MS/s with 12-bit and 1 kV of isolation. Meanwhile there are 16 built-in logic inputs; swap in a digital input module to add even more. Make AC measurements like a DMM with an RMS module in real-time or use a math channel after the recording is finished.

DL350 Contained Signal Conditioning

Use it like a data acquisition system or a long memory oscilloscope

Up to 5 Gpoints of data per module can be recorded directly to an SD card. This means that the DL350 can be used for continuous recording for up to 50 days. For high speed signals, up to 100 M points per module of internal memory is available to capture fast transients. This is up to 10,000 times more than other portable oscilloscopes or test tools and thus signals can be captured with higher sample rates or for much longer periods.

Accurate measurement of fast-switching waveforms

Unique amongst portable measuring instruments, there is a high-resolution high-speed sampling module available for the DL350. This provides individually isolated 12-bit, 100 MS/s inputs, which can precisely measure and record transient waveforms superimposed on slower signals. For example, transients occurring on inverter outputs, or the edges of control signals, which are beyond the reach of traditional handheld test tools.

DL350 Switching Waveform

Comprehensive testing made easy

Full recording flexibility

For users who are more familiar with chart recorders than with long memory oscilloscopes, the DL350 offers a choice of operating modes. Recorder mode is suitable for long-term continuous recording for a specific duration and where the sampling interval is specified. A setup wizard can be used in this mode to quickly guide the operator through the entire setup process.

DL350 Recording Flexibility

Scope mode enables the DL350 to be used just like an oscilloscope with all the associated benefits, such as comprehensive triggering and flexible memory use. Using the history memory enables up to 1,000 separate triggered acquisitions to be captured to the internal memory and viewed afterwards. Thus the causes and effects of abnormalities can be carefully analyzed as easily as paging through a photo album.

DL350 Recodring Flexibility 2

Intuitive operation

An 8.4-inch resistive touch screen has been adopted in order to deliver superior noise-free performance. In environments with the highest levels of electrical noise such as motors and inverters, measurement precision is maintained while enabling the unit to be operated by using (gloved) fingers or stylus.

DL350 Intuitive Operation

Even when the backlight is switched off and the touch screen is inactive the user still has access to the START/STOP, manual trigger and data saving keys. For users unfamiliar with state-of-the-art measuring instruments, there is also help at hand via the built-in digital manual.

A wealth of triggers for fault finding

The user has a choice of a simple level trigger or can use enhanced triggers such as pulse width, waveform period and triggers across multiple channels. For example, the wave window trigger is ideal for AC power line monitoring which enables voltage sags, surges, spikes, phase shifts or drop outs to be easily captured (available for 40 to 1,000 Hz waveforms).

Leave a DL350 unattended and automatically save the waveform to a file or send a notification email if and when it triggers.

DL350 Trigger

External sampling clock and triggers

The DL350 is first and foremost a field tool, however it still provides the functionality you expect in a bench instrument. The sampling clock, trigger and start/stop controls are all available as external signals. For example, a rotary angle encoder or degree wheel can be used as the sample clock to analyze engine rotation and performance.

DL350 External Sampling Clock


Input modules used in the DL350 ScopeCorder are compatible with the DL850E and DL850EV ScopeCorders, and the SL1000. The DL350 inherits the technological developments of more than 30 years of commitment to the measurement needs of electromechanical systems.

isoPROTM – pioneering measurement technology

Input modules are powered by YOKOGAWA’s isoPRO™ technology, which offers industry-leading isolation performance at the highest speeds. isoPRO™ core technology, designed with energy-saving applications in mind, delivers the performance needed to develop high-efficiency inverters that operate at high voltages, large currents and high frequency.

The use of optical fibers enables the achievement of high speed data transmission and high voltage isolation.

dl350 Circuit Board

Higher voltage registration and better CMRR

720268 High Voltage Input Module The new high-Voltage, high-resolution, 1 MS/s 16 bit Isolation Module (model 720268), which is also capable of direct RMS measurements, has an improved sample rate (1 MS/s) and an improved maximum input voltage (1000 Vrms).

Normally, to realize high insulation performance in a small package, it is necessary to raise the input impedance and lower the voltage of the internal circuit. However the increase in input impedance causes a reduction in the common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and measurement accuracy.

Thanks to the new digital isolator in this module, high voltage input signals can be acquired without an increase in size. High insulation performance is maintained without compromising the CMRR.

DL350 High Voltage Module

Consistent measurement results in R&D and maintenance

Traditionally different measuring instruments of various sizes and capabilities are used in the R&D lab and in the field. Since the accuracy, noise immunity and other characteristics are not the same, engineers struggle to correlate measurements.

The plug-in modules of the DL350 are common* to those of the DL850E and DL850EV, the higher-end ScopeCorder models. By using common* modules for product design, validation and on-site maintenance, the high quality of the measurements is consistent.

*With some exceptions

DL350 ScopeCorder Diagram

Extensive line-up: high-speed, high voltage, analog and digital

DL350 Fast Sampling

100 MS/s Input Module720211

100MS/s Sampling
12 bit Resolution
1 kV isolated input

DL350 High Voltage

High Voltage Input Module

Conforms to 1000 Vrms
CAT II and 600 Vrms CAT III
Great for maintenance of 
power distribution equipment

DL350 In Vehicle Communication

CAN Bus Monitor Module

Decode CAN bus messages and display them as trends on-screen


Additional Option License for DL350

This is a software license allowing users to add “vehicle edition”, a software option for the DL350 ScopeCorder, by themselves after purchasing the main unit.
Main unit firmware needs to be upgraded to the version 1.10 or later. The firmware version 1.10 will be shipped and become downloadable in mid-December.

Model Suffix Code Description
709830 -VE Vehicle edition

PC data and setup file management

DL350 Assistant software —Free Software—

Data files or setup configuration files stored in the DL350 SD card can be backed up with the press of a button. Remote setting, start-stop control and setup file editing can also be easily done on the connected PC.

Remote waveform monitoring and instrument control

XWirepuller —Free Software—

Remote control and waveform display monitoring of a DL350 via USB or Ethernet.

Display and analysis of recorded waveforms

Xviewer LITE —Free Software—

Load waveforms captured by the DL350 and display, zoom, and export the data to the popular CSV format.

DL350 Xviewer LITE

Xviewer —Advanced Software—

In addition to the features of XViewer LITE, parameter measurement, statistical analysis, FFT and filtering on downloaded DL350 Data can be performed.

Free Xviewer trial

Get the free 30 day trial version of Xviewer at tmi.yokogawa.com.

Verify power line quality using harmonic, power or FFT analysis

The power in single- and 3-phase systems can be evaluated. Additionally for fundamental waveforms of 50 or 60 Hz, up to 40 harmonic orders can be analyzed. Alternatively use the suite of FFT functions to perform full frequency analysis.

DL350 Harmonic Bar Graph

Harmonics analysis (bar graph)

DL350 Harmonic Listed

Harmonics analysis (listed)

DL350 FFT Analysi

FFT analysis

The application solver

Using different modules and accessories, the DL350 ScopeCorder addresses the complex measurement and analysis needs of widely diverse applications in the field.

Examples of complex measurements

DL350 Application

In-vehicle testing

CAN bus, LIN bus and SENT monitoring

Use the DL350 with /VE option and bus monitor module to decode CAN bus, LIN bus or SENT signals and display information such as engine temperature, vehicle speed and brake pedal position as trend waveforms and compare this with the analog data coming from the actual sensors. This enables automotive engineers to gain an insight into the dynamic behavior of the complete electromechanical system.


The symbol editor is a software tool that makes it possible to define which physical values from the CAN or LIN bus data frame will be trended as waveform data on the display of the DL350. The Symbol Editor can accept vehicle-installed definition files such as CAN DBC or LIN LDF.


Electric vehicle inverter voltage evaluation

The voltage fluctuations of the input and output of the inverter can be measured alongside the trends of speed, acceleration and braking from the data on the CAN bus.

Up to 2.5 hours of continuous data can be directly recorded to the SD card with sample rates up to 200 kS/s.

The optional rechargeable battery pack enables the DL350 to be continuously operated without burdening the in-vehicle power supply.

The optional GPS unit* adds coordinate information to the recording data to enable the measurements to be correlated with the location of the vehicle in a drive test.

DL350 Electric Vehicle Inverter

The GPS unit can only be supplied to countries where it is not prohibited by local radio laws.

DL350 measurement data and GPS data (latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and motion direction) can be loaded to NI DIAdem using DataPlugin. DIAdem display the measurement data with the trace on map.

DIAdem : http://www.ni.com/diadem/
DataPlugin : http://www.ni.com/example/31611/en/

Power line monitoring in plants and factories

By using a wave-window trigger, voltage sags, surges, spikes and dropouts can be detected and captured.

Multi-phase voltages up to 1 kVrms and 1.4 kV peak can be recorded using 720268 high-voltage isolation modules.

In the case of unattended operation, waveforms can be saved, or an e-mail sent, when the DL350 is triggered.

DL350 Power Line

Industrial robot maintenance

It is possible to monitor and record the control signals to the servomotors and their speed and torque at the same time.

For condition monitoring, FFT analysis can be used on the vibration signals from accelerometers to help identify potential failures in machines or components.

Remote operation is available using the ‘assistant software’ or the input/output terminals making it potentially safer to use.

DL350 Robot Maintenance

DL350 Connection Interface

DL350 Connection Interface 2

701261 Universal Voltage & Temperature Input Module

Universal Module (2 ch)
Thermocouple (K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, iron-doped gold/chromel)
Applicable to DL850, DL850V, DL750, DL750P, SL1400 & SL1000

720211 High-Speed 100 M/s, 12-Bit Isolation Module

High-Speed 100 MS/s 12-Bit Isolation Module (2 channels) 
IsoPRO technology enables 1kV isolated measurements in combination with 700929 or 701947 probe and is designed for inverter / IGBT related applications in mind. Using high speed optical fiber-based transmission, the module achieves high speed ADC clock and data isolation and provides the performance needed to develop high efficiency inverters, which employ high voltages, large currents, and ever increasing switching speeds.

701262 Universal Voltage & Temperature Input Module (w/AAF)

Universal Module (with Anti-Aliasing Filter, 2 ch)
Thermocouple (K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, iron-doped gold/chromel), with AAF
Applicable to DL850, DL850V, DL750, DL750P, SL1400 & SL1000

720220 16 Channel Voltage Input Module

This is a multichannel voltage module capable of measuring 16 channels of DC voltage on a single unit.

  • Isolated (GND-terminal)
  • Non-Isolated (CH-CH) 
  • Maximum allowable voltage between sub-channel high inputs 42V (DC + AC Peak)

720221 16-CH Temperature/Voltage Input Module

16 Channel Voltage or Temperature Input Module.
To be used with 701953 Scanner Box.

701265 High-Precision Temperature Input Module

Temperature/high-precision voltage Module (2 ch)
Thermocouple (K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, iron-doped gold/chromel), high sensitivity range (1 mV), and low noise (±4 µVtyp)
Applicable to DL850, DL850V, DL750, DL750P, SL1400 & SL1000

701270 Strain Input Module (NDIS)

Strain Module, type NDIS (2 channels) to be used in combination with 701955 or 701956 NDIS bridge head.
Using the strain module and strain gauge the ScopeCorder can detect and display mechanical stress (strain). It works on the principle that the resistance value of a metal foil changes as it expands and contracts.

720230 Logic Input Module

Input logic signals can be displayed as waveforms at 10 MS/s sampling resolution. Each port can measure 8 bits, and 2 ports of input are available on each module. Thus, a single module can observe 16-bit logic signals. Compatible with 700986, 700987, 702911 and 702912 logic probe.

701271 Strain Input Module (DSUB)

Strain Module with Shunt Calibration, type DSUB (2 channels) to be used in combination with 701957 or 701958 DSUB bridge head.
Using the strain module and strain gauge the ScopeCorder can detect and display mechanical stress (strain). It works on the principle that the resistance value of a metal foil changes as it expands and contracts.

720281 Frequency Module

The 720281 Frequency Module has a 1 MS/s sample rate, 16-bit resolution, bandwidth of resolution 625 ps, 2 isolated channels, a maximum input voltage (DC+ACpeak) of 420 V*2, 42 V*3, DC accuracy of ±0.1% (Frequency), and measurement frequency of 0.01 Hz to 500 kHz. The measured parameters are frequency, rpm, period, duty, power supply frequency, distance, and speed.

720240 CAN Bus Monitoring Module

Use the CAN bus monitor module to decode the CAN-Bus signals and display information on physical data like engine temperature, vehicle speed and brake-pedal position as analog waveforms and compare this with the data coming from real sensors.
To be used with DL850V & DL850EV ScopeCorder Vehicle Edition only.

720241 CAN/LIN Bus Monitor Module

Use the CAN/LIN bus monitor module to decode the CAN or LIN-Bus signals and display information on physical data like engine temperature, vehicle speed and brake-pedal position as analog waveforms and compare this with the data coming from real sensors.
To be used with DL850V & DL850EV ScopeCorder Vehicle Edition only.

701275 Acceleration & Voltage Input Module (w/AAF)

Acceleraton/Voltage Module with Anti-Aliasing Filter, (2 channels)
Accepts direct input from a built-in amp type acceleration sensor to measure acceleration. Sensor supply current (voltage) OFF/4 mA ± 10% (approx. 22 VDC) Applicable acceleration sensor  type: Built-in amplifier type, Kistler Instruments Corp. : PiezotronTM, PCB, Piezotronics Inc. : ICPTM, Endevco Corp : IsotronTM.

720243 SENT Monitor Module

Use the SENT monitoring module to decode the SENT protocol signal and display information on physical quantities from SENT output sensors.  
To be used with DL850V & DL850EV ScopeCorder Vehicle Edition only. 

720250 Voltage Module 10MS/s

The 720250 Voltage Module has a 10 MS/s sample rate, 12-bit resolution, 3 MHz bandwidth, 2 isolated channels, a maximum input voltage (DC+ACpeak) of 800 V*2, 200 V*3, DC accuracy of ±0.5%, and high noise immunity.

720254 4-CH 1M/s 16-Bit Isolation Module

High-Speed 1 MS/s 16-bit Isolation Module (4 ch) 
High Noise Immunity  
Suitable for testing and long term monitoring for power generators and multi-output power supplies. Provides dynamic analysis of multi-channel data recording applications. 
Applicable to DL850, DL850V, DL850E, DL850EV

701901 BNC to Safety Banana 1.8m Cable, 1:1

1000 Vrms-CAT II, 1.8 m long
Safety BNC(male) to safety banana(female) use in combination with 701959, 701954, 758921, 758922 or 758929.

701902/701903 Safety BNC to BNC Cable 1m/2m

701902: 1000 Vtms-CAT II (BNC-BNC), 1 m
701903: 1000 Vrms-CAT II (BNC-BNC), 2 m

720266 High-Sensitivity, Low-Noise, Voltage, Temperature Module

The 720266 Module has a 125 S/s (Voltage) and 125 S/s (Temperature) sample rate. It has a 16-Bit (Voltage),
0.1°C (Temperature) resolution, 15 Hz bandwidth, 2 isolated channels, a maximum input voltage (DC+ACpeak) of 42V, DC accuracy of ±0.08% (Voltage), and thermocouple (K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, iron-doped gold/chromel), high sensitivity range (0.1 mV/div), and low noise (±4 µVtyp.).

720268 High Voltage Module 1MS/s

The 720268 High Voltage Module has a 1 MS/s sample rate, 16-bit resolution, 300 kHz bandwidth, 2 isolated channels, a maximum input voltage (DC+ACpeak) of 1000V*9 *11, DC accuracy of ±0.25%, and AAF, RMS, and high noise immunity.

701947 Isolated Probe 1000V / 200 MHz

Passive Probe, 3540Vp-CAT I, 1000Vp-CAT II, 200MHz, 100:1, 100MΩ, 1.5m, 'Isolated Probe'  'Iso-Probe'

701953 16-CH Scanner Box

External scanner box for 720221 module.
Voltage or temperature measurement (scanner method) Thermocouple (K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, Au-Fe-chromel)

701955/701956 NDIS bridge heads

701955 NDIS Bridge Head, Bridge resistance: 120Ω , 5m NDIS cable included
701956 NDIS Bridge Head, Bridge resistance: 350Ω , 5m NDIS cable included

701957/701958 D-Sub Bridge Heads 120Ω/350Ω

701957 DSUB Bridge Head with Shunt calibration
Bridge resistance:  120Ω , 5m DSUB cable included
701958 DSUB Bridge Head with Shunt calibration
Bridge resistance:  350Ω , 5m DSUB cable included

702902 Isolated Passive Probe 1000V / 60 MHz

Passive Probe, 1000V(DC+ACpeak) CAT II, 60MHz, 10:1, 10MΩ, 2.5m
Wide operating temperature range(-40 to 85°C)
For isolated BNC input modules for ScopeCoder series

702911-702912 Logic Probe

8-bit, non-isolated, response speed: 3µs or less, treshold level approx 1.4V
702911: 1 meter cable, 702912: 3 meter cable

758929 Large Alligator Clip Adapter 1000V

Rated at 1000V. Attaches to the 758917 test leads. Sold in pairs.

720930 Clamp on Probe

The 720930 and 720931 passive clamp-on current probes allow current waveform readings directly via analog input modules on ScopeCorders including the DL350 and DL850 using isolated BNC connections.

  • AC 50 A
  • 40 Hz to 3.5 kHz Bandwidth

720931 Clamp on Probe

The 720931 passive clamp-on current probe anables current waveform readings directly via analog input modules on ScopeCorders including the DL350 and DL850 using isolated BNC connections.

  • AC 200 A
  • 40 Hz to 3.5 kHz Bandwidth

720940 GPS Unit

Function GPS data acquisition (latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, moving direction and GPS information), DL350 time synchronization 
Measurement accuracy *1 Horizontal position: 15 m or less (GPS information/SA=OFF/PDOP≦3)
Speed: 1 m/s (GPS information/SA=OFF/PDOP≦3)
Following performance Altitude: −500 to +18000 m
Speed: 1800 km/h or less
Acceleration: 2 G or less
Measurement resolution Latitude and longitude: 1 μ°
Altitude: 0.1 m, 1 m
Speed: 0.01 km/h, 0.1 km/h
Direction: 0.01°
*1: The specification values may not be attained depending on the measurement location, environment and measurement time.
The GPS unit can only be supplied to countries where it is not prohibited by local radio laws.

93050 Carrying Case

Carry your Scopecorder with this carrying case.

701904 1 to 1 Safety Adapter Lead

1:1 Safety Adapter Lead for the 720268 High Voltage Input Module

720921 AC Adaptor for DL350

This is an AC Adaptor for the DL350 Portable Scopecorder.

720922 AC Power Cable

Rated supply voltage 10 to 30 VDC (at the DL350 connector end).
Maximum power consumption 45 W.
Withstand voltage (when the power is turned off or charging is stopped).
0.6 Wtyp.
DC power cable Cigarette lighter plug Type, length: 2.5 m.

720923 Batter Pack Cover

Battery pack cover for the 739883 Batery pack.

739883 Battery Pack

Type Lithium-ion
Operation time Approx. 3 hours
Charge time Approx. 6 hours (When the DL350 is turned off.)

How can I capture data from motion sensors synchronized with other analog data? The Yokogawa ScopeCorder series of instruments feature input modules and functions to make this possible. 

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    In this video we review the major features of the DL350 showcasing its portability, functionality, and operability. This device features battery power, 18 signal conditioning input modules, and touchscreen access to enhanced triggers, math, and analysis.


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