AQ6380 Optical Spectrum Analyzer Overview

Introducing the new Yokogawa Test&Measurement  AQ6380 Optical Spectrum Analyzer. This new OSA includes many sought-after features including:

  • An unprecedented 5 pm wavelength resolution 
  • ±5 pm wavelength accuracy
  • 1200 nm to 1650 nm wavelength range
  • 65 dB wide close-in dynamic range
  • 80 dB stray light suppression
  • Automated wavelength calibration
  • Gas purging
  • DUT-oriented interface and test apps
  • Backward-compatible remote interface
  • 10.4in intuitive touchscreen
  • Up to 20x faster measurement
  • Remote operation capabilities

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AQ6370 Viewer

The AQ6370 Viewer is a package of PC application software for the AQ6380, the AQ6360, and the AQ6370 series Optical Spectrum Analyzer.

AQ6380 Highest Performance Optical Spectrum Analyzer 1200 - 1650 nm

AQ6380 OSA: 5 pm high wavelength resolution, ±5 pm accuracy, 65 dB wide close-in dynamic range, 80 dB high stray light suppression

Optical Spectrum Analyzer

  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer to measure and display power distribution of an optical source
  • Optical analyzer trace displays power in vertical scale and wavelength in horizontal scale

Optical Test Equipment

  • Yokogawa optical test equipment solutions to measure optical components/systems
  • Serves demand for high capacity fiber lines and new component technologies

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