Error(Code:916) Occurs When Installing a 701250 Module in DL850 or SL1000 but Operates Fine in DL750

There are some modules that can be used with the DL750 Scopecorder but cannot be used with the DL850 Scopecorder. This is due to the nature of the FPGA for that module, which cannot be interchanged between the DL750 Scopecorder and the DL850 Scopecorder.

During initialization, the DL850 verifies the serial number, firmware version, and FPGA version of the 701250 Analog Voltage Input Module. If the firmware is not current or if the DL850 Scopecorder finds an incompatible module, it issues an ERROR 916 to alert the user. The SL1000 High Channel Count ScopeCorder experiences a similar issue.

Please contact your local Yokogawa Service Center to arrange the servicing of your module. Analog Voltage Input 701250 and 701255 modules with serial numbers within the range 91F815648 - 91G328674 may be affected.

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