Why Can't the ScopeCorder Detect or Format my eSATA Drive?

There are a number of reasons as to why the ScopeCorder does not detect or format your eSATA drive. Please verify the following conditions:
  • Cable connections are secure
  • Connect either SATA or USB cable
  • Connect and power ON the eSATA drive before powering ON the ScopeCorder
  • Select the correct Media Setting on the ScopeCorder
  • eSATA drive is 1.5 TB or less
  • eSATA drive format is FAT32
  • eSATA drive is compatible with the ScopeCorder
  • Write Protect is OFF

You can check the format of the eSATA drive through the Windows Disk Management service. If the drive format is NTFS, you will need to format the drive to FAT32. Please backup any files on the eSATA drive to separate location. The formatting process will delete all contents of the eSATA Drive. It is recommended to format the eSATA drive using the SATA cable provided with the drive whether you are formatting using the PC or the ScopeCorder. We cannot guarantee the eSATA drive will format properly if you do so through USB.

To perform the format check in Windows, please follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Connect the eSATA drive to the PC using the SATA cable only
  2. Click on Start
  3. Click on Run
  4. Type in compmgmt.msc and then click OK
  5. In the console tree, find and click Disk Management
  6. Locate the eSATA drive and look under File System
  7. If listed as NTFS or is Blank, proceed to format the drive

A list of compatible eSATA drives with the ScopeCorder is:

  • Buffalo HD-HS500SU2 500GB
  • ELECOM LaCie d2 quadra LCH-2D1TQ 1TB
  • Logitec LHD-ED1000SAU2 1.5TB
  • LaCie 301848U USB 2.0 Neil Poulton 1TB Rugged XL eSATA

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