Release of the AQ6150 series Optical Wavelength Meter

For well over a decade, Yokogawa has been one of the global market leaders in optical wavelength instruments, with the company’s line of quality and innovative optical spectrum analyzers (OSA). We are building off our thirty plus years of wavelength measurement expertise with the new AQ6150 Series Optical Wavelength Meter to offer a complementary solution to our line of OSAs.

The new AQ6150 Series Optical Wavelength Meter offers fast, accurate, yet cost effective optical wavelength measurements targeted to meet the present and future demands fueled by the intensity of network traffic growth on a global scale.The new Yokogawa AQ6150 Series Optical Wavelength Meter offers the fastest and highest number of wavelength measurements in the industry. It can measure from 1 to 1,024 wavelengths simultaneously, more than any other model in its class. The ability to measure such a high number of wavelengths addresses the present as well as future needs in the rapidly advancing field of DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) systems. The vast wavelength capability also significantly improves the efficiency of laser device production lines by measuring the output of multiple devices simultaneously.

The AQ6150 Series Optical Wavelength Meter can measure, analyze and transfer the data within 0.3 seconds. This is faster than any other competing models and over three times faster than our previous models. High-speed data collection is typically crucial during the production of tunable optical sources, where every unit may require hundreds of measurements for adjustment and inspection in the manufacturing process.

The AQ6150 Series is comprised of two models. The high accuracy AQ6151 model offers an accuracy of ± 0.3pm to meet the most demanding precision requirements. The standard accuracy AQ6150 offers a ± 1pm accuracy for applications with less demanding requirements at a more affordable price. The measurement wavelength range of 1270 to 1650 nm (Including C & L Band) makes it ideally suited for testing optical communications devices. By employing a Michelson interferometer and a high speed Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm, the AQ6150 series can measure not only a single wavelength laser signal, but also a multiple wavelength laser signal from a DWDM system and Fabry-Perot laser. This technology enables the measurement of modulated laser signals in addition to the CW signal from an optical transceiver.

Yokogawa’s vast experience, industry leading speed/wavelength capability, and low ownership costs makes the new AQ6150 Series Optical Wavelength Meter an ideal instrument for testing WDM transmission systems, optical devices such as distributed feedback lasers (DFB), tunable lasers, Fabry-Perot lasers, and optical transceivers.

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