Communication Sample Programs


The following programs are communication sample programs written in Visual Basic (VB) and Visual C++ (VC++)'s project format. Please refer to the User's Manual(IM 701990-01E) for detailed information, which can be extracted from "" file.

  • System Requirements:
    Visual basic (VB) and Visual C++ (VC++) on the Windows operating system.
    (National Instruments GP-IB board or PCMCIA card is required when using GP-IB interface.)
  • Supported models:
    DL9000 series ,DL7000 sereis, DLM6000/DL6000 series, DLM4000 series, DLM2000 series, DL1700E series, DL1700 series, DL1600 series, SB5000, DL750 series, DL850 series, SL1400
  • Software, driver requirements:
    "TMCTL", which is the Yokogawa original driver software, is required to use these sample programs. Download here. A dedicated USB driver is required when using USB interface. The USB driver can be downloaded from here.
  • Supported communication interfaces:
    Ethernet, USB, GP-IB and SERIAL

Applicable Model
Applicable models:DL850/DL750/DL7400/SL1400/DLM2000/DLM4000 series
Applicable model: DL9000 series, DL6000/DLM6000 series and SB5000



Please read Software Agreement carefully before downloading.


Release Date Jan 31, 2013
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* Software Agreement
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  • Under no circumstances is any dumping, reverse compiling, reverse assembly, reverse engineering, or any other kind of alteration or revision of this software allowed.
  • This software is offered free of charge, but no unlimited warranties are made against any defects whatsoever.
  • Also, Yokogawa may not be able to accept inquiries regarding repair of defects in or questions about this software.
  • The contents of this software are subject to change without prior notice as a result of continuing improvements to the software's performance and functions.
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  • Note that you must agree to the contents of “Software License” for the software that encloses or displays the “Software License” as the conditions of use.

Downloading of the software indicates acceptance of the software agreement.

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