OTDR: Creating a Work Report for Optical Fiber Construction

A work report that includes an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) trace is sometimes required after installation or maintenance is completed. The report function in the Yokogawa OTDR can create a report in PDF format that includes the measured data and can be used as a work report. This function supports batch processing, which can generate several reports in a single operation.

The report includes the following information: measurement conditions, measurement data (OTDR traces, fiber end face image and trace overview, etc.) and analysis results (measurement results, marker information, event detection conditions, Pass/Fail judgment conditions, etc.). The format can be selected according to the user’s preference.

Some of the measurement information such as model name, serial number, firmware number and measurement date cannot be modified while other information  such as label, company name, name, cable ID, fiber ID, fiber types, cable code, originating location, terminating location, construction procedure, etc. can be. Information that can be modified is stored in advance for later recall.

With the AQ7933 OTDR emulation software, which is a free software for a Windows PC, a more detailed report can be generated.

OTDR: Creating a Work Report for Optical Fiber Construction

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