How do I Measure the Offset of the 701912, 701913, or 701914 Active Probe?

You can use the DL9000 to measure the offset of the 701912, 701913, or 701914 Active Probe. The specification for the Active Probes is ± 2mV. To measure the offset, follow the procedures listed below.

  1. Connect the Probe to the DL9000
  2. Allow the scope to warm up for 30 minutes for the most accurate measurement
  3. Press one of the CH1 to CH4 keys to select the channel
  4. Press the Coupling soft button and select DC50
  5. Press the Probe soft button and select 1:1
  6.  Press the Next 1/2 soft key
  7. Press the Offset Cancel soft key to select ON
  8. Press the Bandwidth soft button and select 1 MHz
  9. Press ACQ  Hi-Res Mode soft button to select ON
  10. Short the input terminals of the probe using a wire, paper clip, or similar method
  11. Press the TRIG MODE/HOLD OFF key and select Auto
  12. Turn the T/Div rotary knob and set to 10us/div
  13. Measure the offset with Horizontal Cursors

Please download and view the attached image file to view a screenshot example of the 701912 probe offset measurement.

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