Output Noise Data of the GS200 Voltage / Current Source Up to 20MHz.

The following attached document details the typical output noise of the GS200 Voltage / Current Source from DC to 20 MHz.

Produtos e Soluções Relacionadas

GS200 DC Voltage / Current Source

The GS200 is a low voltage/current DC source with high accuracy, high stability, and high resolution.



GS610 Source Measure Unit

The GS610 is made up of a programmable current and voltage source, a voltmeter, and an ammeter. Each function can be combined into numerous operation modes.

GS820 Multi Channel Source Measure Unit

  • Yokogawa source measure unit GS820
  • Precision SMU quick response for automated testing
  • High-speed communication improves productivity
  • Customizable to enable any test

Geradores de Sinal, Fontes Padrão e Fontes de Alimentação

Para aplicações independentes de uso geral ou como componentes principais em um sistema de teste e medição de alta velocidade, as fontes Yokogawa e geradores de sinal são altamente precisos e funcionais.

Source Measure Units

A Source Measurement Unit (SMU) is a flexible test instrument which is capable of both sourcing and measuring voltage and/or current at the same time.

Precision Making