DL750 Scopecorder wins 2008 Test of Time from T&MW

Yokogawa's DL750 Scopecorder has been chosen by the Test & Measurement World's editors for their prestigous Test of Time award. The Test of Time award honors a product that continues to provide state-of-the art performance for at least five years after its introduction.
The DL750 ScopeCorder is a flexible and powerful multi-channel test & measurement solution which combines the benefits of a high speed oscilloscope and a traditional chart recorder, making it ideal for electro-mechanical measurements.

TMW 2008 TOT
Joseph Ting, Scope Product Manager for Yokogawa,
accepts the 2008 Test of Time award from T&MWorld
Publisher, Russ Pratt.

Yokogawa invented the DL700 ScopeCorder in 1997 for electro-mechanical applications that couldn’t be addressed with an oscilloscope or a DAQ recorder alone. In a benchtop, modular form factor, the ScopeCorder combines high channel count (16 analog + 16 logic), high resolution (16 bits), isolated inputs, 1GP of deep memory, together with special hardware triggers and a familiar oscilloscope interface. The GIGAZoom engine permits real-time display of one billion samples, and the Dual Capture function allows simultaneous recording of low and high speed events. Lastly, the DL750 ScopeCorder achieves triple the analog accuracy at half the physical size of its’ predecessor.
The DL750 ScopeCorder allows users, in the same instrument, to trigger and capture instantaneous electrical events, or make prolonged trend measurements of physical sensors such as thermocouples or strain gages. The user can also correlate a vast variety of physical sensors and industrial electronics signals (motors, drives, utility power), with no additional signal conditioning. The DL750 ScopeCorder gives users the hardware functionality of several instruments in a single unit. As a result of its’ innovative and versatile features, the ScopeCorder has become the standard instrument for benchtop or portable measurements of physical and electrical quantities at 10MS/s or under.
Since the DL750 employs a modular architecture, Yokogawa continued to develop additional hardware input technology in over a dozen input modules, including universal modules with high voltage and isolation (1kV), accelerometer and strain modules, and even a timing/frequency module with deceleration prediction. New hardware options such as real-time DSP channels for knock detection and DC power for in-vehicle applications were added. Leveraging trends in PC technology, Yokogawa added Web, FTP, email, and USB thumb drive capabilities. From the DL750 ScopeCorder evolved another product, the SL1400 “ScopeCorder LITE”, which addressed the power utility market, and technician interface.

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