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Optical Spectrum Analyzer will help cut growth in data network energy use

Yokogawa is an industry leader in promoting sustainability and at ECOC 2022, we will show a test and measurement product that can help the world rein in its growing carbon emissions. As work and leisure move more online, there is a huge demand for data, making it vital to get more through the same pipe without building extra energy consuming infrastructure. The answer is dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM), which increases bandwidth over the existing optical fiber backhaul network. 

22.05.17 2:00 eh


EPE 2022 - European Conference on Power Electronics and Application

The EPE 2022 ECCE Europe conference will take place in Hannover, Germany, from 5 to 9 September 2022, where participants will gain detailed insights into the state of the art of power electronics and its applications.

Tradeshow | Hannover, Germany
22.09.05 - 09
Photonics Finland

Photonics Finland is a technology oriented association and cluster that drives the photonics industry and academia in Finland by connecting Finnish photonics companies, universities, research institutes, professionals, students, and public authorities. Photonics Finland has 296 individual and 106 company- or societal members. 

Photonics Finland supports the development of the photonics field from basic research through to the deployment and market launch of products. It is the single point of contact for photonics ecosystem in Finland. Photonics Finland develops new business and research opportunities, and helps realize the full potential of the photonics industry in Finland in sectors like health care, energy efficiency, safety, manufacturing, and sustainability.


Event | Joensuu, Eastern Finland
22.09.06 - 08
ECOC 2022

Yokogawa will be at the heart of the optical measurement industry at ECOC 2022 in Basel. Come along to get hands on with our high performance AQ6380 Optical Spectrum Analyzer and our precision optical time domain reflectometers.

22.09.19 - 21


International Conference & Exhibition on Optical & Electro-Optics

This is the 8th of highly successful bi-annual conferences that have attracted researchers from Israel and abroad with sessions of lectures on the latest and most important research and developments in various disciplines.


Tradeshow | Israel
22.12.12 - 13
Bodo’s Power Systems®

Yokogawa expert joined the Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductors, to share the latest trends and achievements in this evolving technology.

Event | online

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