2007 Press Releases


Introducing of the SL1000 High-Speed Data Acquisition Unit

Selecting a data acquisition platform for your electronics or mechatronics application has always been a balancing act. High speed digitizers lack the isolation, attenuation, or bit resolution necessary for power electronics testing. PC-based platforms ...

Dis 20, 2007
Introducing of the SB5000 Vehicle Serial Bus Analyzer

The SB5000 Vehicle Serial Bus Analyzer is an invaluable tool for engineers involved in the development and use of in-vehicle communication buses. It can analyze FlexRay, an emerging bus technology employed by advanced ECU's and electronic vehicle ...

Dis 11, 2007
Introducing of the AQ7275 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)

- Improved Waveform Quality - Increased Dynamic range - Wider Range of Optional Functions - Short Dead Zone (0.8 m)

Dis 5, 2007


Introducing of the 703064 3GPP LTE Signal Generation Option, new wireless data generation utility on a PC.

This option adds 3GPP LTE compliant signal generation functionality on 703074 Multi-Format OFDM signal generation utility. It is usable to develop and/or evaluate 3GPP LTE equipments.

Nov 26, 2007
Announcement of the AQ6375 Optical Spectrum Analyzer.

High Performance LONG WAVELENGTH The AQ6375 is the first bench-top optical spectrum analyzer covering the long wavelength over 2 μm.It is designed for researchers and engineers who have been struggling with inadequate test equipment to measure in ...

Nov 4, 2007


Introducing of two new current probes for the DL9000 series digital oscilloscopes.

Support for Wide Bandwidth Measurements, from Extremely Small to Large Currents.Yokogawa's 701928, 701929, 701930, 701931, 701932 and 701933 current probes make it easy to observe current waveforms on an oscilloscope.Depending on your signal's bandwidth ...

Okt 28, 2007
Announcement of the TD-SCDMA test function with the VC3300 wireless communication tester.

With the functionality and accuracy required for high-performance tuning, the VC3300 is the most cost-effective tester. The VC3300 is a powerful tester for mobile phone manufacturing and repair servi

Okt 22, 2007


Release of a new model AQ2200-641 XFP Interface Module, to the AQ2200 Multi Application Test System.

AQ2200-641 XFP Interface module allows to setup 10G Optical BERT system together with AQ2200-601 BERT module and AQ2200-331 ATT module and the other modules.Since AQ2200-641 allows to use any XFP Transceiver module, it results in excellent cost-efficiency, ...

Ogos 23, 2007
Release of a new model AQ2200-412 Optical Switch Module, to the AQ2200 Multi Application Test System.

Compact: Optical switches of 1 x 16 port configuration in a two-slot size module Compatible with SMF (core diameter of 10 µm). MMF (core diameter of 50 or 62.5 µm) is also available on request. Low insertion loss: 1.0 dB (typ.) High ...

Ogos 5, 2007


Release of new models DL9505L, DL9510L and DL9705L mixed signal oscilloscopes.

The DL9000 MSO models represent Yokogawa's third generation MSO, built upon the "Best in Test 2006" DL9000 platform. It contains the most hardware/acquisition, display, and analysis capabilities of any MSO. To address the increasing complexity of the ...

Jul 25, 2007
Introducing of GS820 Multi Channel Source Measure Unit.

The GS820 is a highly accurate and highly functional 2-channel programmable DC voltage/current source that incorporates voltage/current generation and measurement function.

Jul 19, 2007
Release of new model DL1735E digital oscilloscope, to the DL1700E series.

A4 size footprintCompact, space-saving form with 350 MHz and 500 MHz bandwidth and max. 8 MW memory

Jul 5, 2007


Introducing of two new active probes for the DL9000 series digital oscilloscopes.


Jun 24, 2007


Introducing of 2A current input element with WT3000 Precision Power Analyzer
Mac 15, 2007

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