Technical Oscilloscope Probe Seminar - September 16, 2010

Who Should Attend:

Engineers and technicians who:

  • are new to testing signals with oscilloscopes
  • make measurements at 50 MHz or higher
  • design or test power supplies
  • desire to improve test result repeatability
  • wish to more fully utilize existing scopes by choosing the best probe for a given application.
What you will learn:
Specifications for Probes
1:1 and 10:1 and 100:1 Passive Probes
Phase Compensation
Probe Matching
Low Capacitance Probes
FET/Active Probes
Differential Probes

Current Probe Basics
Passive AC Current Probes
Active DC/AC Current Probes
Loading Effect
Benefits of Using Probes
Loading Effect
Filtering by Probe Capacitance
Resonance by Inductances
Use of Damping Resistors
Stability of Probe Cables
Stability of Ground Levels

Real World Circuit Probing
Voltage Probe Basics
Hints and Tips for Successful Probing

Dates: Sep 16, 2010

Precision Making