YHC5150X & CA700 Webinar

Tired of trying to connect to a smart device, but are unable to due to the wrong DD? Ever attempted to calibrate several pressure devices, just to discover you need to continually change pressure modules? Meet your solutions!  The YHC5150X DD direct HART communicator paired with our 0.01% of reading CA700 pressure calibrator are here to help you! 
Our HART Communicator features:

  •     DD direct capabilities
  •     no subscription fees
  •     a large, anti-glare color touchscreen
  •     multiple languages

Our Pressure Calibrator features:

  •     the ability to communicate with any registered or unregistered HART device
  •     a 4.3" anti-glare touchscreen
  •     a full QWERTY keyboard
  •     on-demand help menus
Dates: Jul 18, 2014

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