761941 WTViewerE Application Software

WTViewerE software enables PC connectivity for Yokogawa power analyzers such as the WT3000E/ WT3000, WT1800E/ WT1800 , WT500 and WT300E through Ethernet, USB, GPIB or RS232. This connectivity allows users to easily control, monitor, collect, analyze, and save measurements remotely.


Test Application:
●Automotive Power Train
●Wind Power Conditioner
●Home/Office Appliances
●Solar Power Inverter
Yokogawa WT Series
Power Analyzers

WT3000E /

ph H1 Front No Box S
WT1800E /

Power Measurement Software

  *Simultaneous connections
of up to 4 units as follows:
WT3000E and WT3000 units,
WT1800E and WT1800 units,
WT300E and WT300 units ,
WT500 Units
  Measurement , Remote Control
Multi-Unit Synchronization
Visualization and Analysis


Multi-unit Connection and Control
WTViewerE enables synchronized measurement of up to four WT units.
The software auto detects connected units and displays a list. Users can then view and change measurement conditions such as wiring system, voltage and current range, update interval, synchronization source, display format, etc.

Versatile display for Multichannel Measurements
WTViewerE supports split screen displays for multichannel power measurements, allowing users to customize analysis.
The software can simultaneously display up to 12 waveforms, 8 trends, 8 vectors and 6 harmonic bar graphs.
Users can also save and load screen layouts.
===================== Latest Images
Measurement Screen (online)
Zoom on abnormalities
With WTViewerE, users can zoom on specific sections of interest (using cursors) for more detail on numerical, harmonic and waveform information and specify the necessary data to be saved in CSV format.

Remote measurements and analysis
In the online mode users have real time control of measurements from each connected unit.
Users can start or stop integration and remotely monitor and collect live measurement values.
In offline mode users can analyze the latest acquired or previously stored data.

Analysis Screen (offline)


Ideal for multichannel power measurements


The WTViewerE allows users to :

  • Connect, synchronize and configure up to four WT units via Ethernet, USB, GPIB or RS232
  • Remotely monitor, collect, and analyze live or stored multichannel measurements in a numeric, bar, trend, or vector formats
  • Save / load configuration and measurement data


WT Series Models WT3001E/WT3002E/WT3003E/WT3004E and WT3000 (760301/760302/760303/760304)
(firmware 6.11 or later)
(firmware 2.31 or later)
WT500 (760201/760202/760203)
(firmware 1.21 or later)
WT310E/WT310EH/WT332E/WT333E; WT310/WT310HC/WT332/WT333
combinations for
multi unit connections
WT3000E and WT3000 units
WT1800E and WT1800 units
WT300E and WT300 units
Multiple WT500 units
Functions Measuring Item: Normal, harmonics, integration
Display Screens: numeric, waveform*1, trend, harmonic list*2, Bar Graph*2 and vector*2*3
*1 Harmonic measurement option must be installed in the WT300 or WT300E.
*2 Harmonic measurement option must be installed in the WT.
*3 A vector window cannot be displayed on the WT300 or WT300E.
Data Acquisition Interval:50 ms at max. speed.
- The data storage period can be any custom settings (more than 20 seconds) and the data update rate of the product.

- Depends on your PC's processing speed, the communication interface is use, and the number of data points that the software is collecting from the WT.

- When the data acquisition interval is 500 msec or less, dropout of waveform data will occur on regular basis.
Data conversion
Numeric and Waveform data: CSV format (.csv)

System Requirement

PC CPU Equivalent to Intel Core i5-2430M or better
Memory 4 GB or more recommended
Storage*4 1TB free space or more on the hard disk
OS English version of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
Communication Board GP-IB NI (National Instruments)
On Windows 7: Use driver NI-488.2 Ver.2.7.2 or later.
On Windows 8.1: Use driver NI-488.2 Ver.3.1.0 or later.
On Windows 10: Use driver NI-488.2 Ver.3.1.0 or later.
On Windows 7: Use driver NI-488.2 Ver. 2.8.1 or later.
On Windows 8.1: Use driver NI-488.2 Ver.3.1.0 or later.
On Windows 10: Use driver NI-488.2 Ver.15.5.0 or later.
On Windows 7: Use driver NI-488.2 Ver. 14.0 or later.
On Windows 10: Use driver NI-488.2 Ver.15.5.0 or later.
RS-232 An available PC COM port
Ethernet 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX compatible Ethernet port
USB A USB Rev. 1.1 or later USB port
Display, Printer, and Mouse Screen Resolution 1366×768 pixels or higher
Disk Drive A drive that can read CD-Rs
Operating System Must be compaible with the operating systems listed above.


*4 Storage Capacity
This software saves all displayed measured data.
Depending on the combination of setup items that affect the data size, the data may exceed 1 TB.


Conditions of setup items :

  • Connected model: WT1806/G6/DT/MTR
  • Number of connected devices: 1
  • Update interval: 1 s
  • Number of waveform display functions: 2
  • Number of numeric list display functions: 3
  • Number of bar display functions: 1

Measurement data acquisition time and size:

  • 10 minutes: Approx. 15 MB
  • 1 hour: Approx. 88 MB
  • 1 day: Approx. 2.1 GB
  • 1 month: Approx. 63 GB

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