Technical Oscilloscope Probe Seminar - January 12, 2010

Who Should Attend:

Engineers and technicians who:

* are new to testing signals with oscilloscopes
* make measurements at 50 MHz or higher
* design or test power supplies
* desire to improve test result repeatability
* wish to more fully utilize existing scopes by choosing the best probe for a given application.

What you will learn:

Voltage Probe Basics

Specifications for Probes

* 1:1 and 10:1 and 100:1 Passive Probes - Pros and Cons of each.
* Phase Compensation
* Probe Matching
* Low Capacitance Probes
* FET/Active Probes
* Differential Probes

Real-World Circuit Probing

Benefits of Using Probes

* Loading Effect
* Filtering by Probe Capacitance
* Resonance by Inductances
* Use of Damping Resistors
* Stability of Probe Cables
* Stability of Ground Levels

Current Probe Basics

* Passive AC Current Probes
* Active DC/AC Current Probes
* Loading Effect
* Specifications

Hints and Tips for Successful Probing

Dates: ene 12, 2010

Precision Making